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  • Readers' Choice: Best of Fall 2016

    School's back in session. The weather is (finally) beginning to cool down. Leaves are turning and pumpkin spice has made it's annual appearance in coffee cups and grocery store shelves. In honor of autumn, 10Best set out to find the best seasonal attractions: haunted houses, corn mazes, covered bridges, beautiful college campuses and escape rooms.  For the past four weeks, our readers have been voting... Continue Reading >

  • America's Best Specialty Spirit Is Made by a Couple with no Previous Experience

    A few years ago, if you asked just about any bartender this side of Scandinavia for a glass of aquavit, they probably would’ve told you to spell that. By the time you’d explained it’s the national spirit of Sweden, Denmark and Norway, they would’ve moved onto the next customer, because who wants to deal with that guy at the bar? But in the last few years, the drink of the vikings has started popping up... Continue Reading >

  • Can Eating Oysters Save the Chesapeake Bay?

    Chef Emily Woodruff and her team at the James Landing Grill shuck hundreds of oysters each day during peak season at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg – that's 70,000 oyster shells annually. But instead of chucking those shells in the trash, the Kingsmill Resort has partnered with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to recycle them to help restore the oyster reefs of the bay. According to a report from... Continue Reading >

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  • Can You Believe These Crazy Kickstarter Inventions?

    Kickstarter, the world's largest crowdfunding platform, is often a hotbed of creative ideas, quirky inventions and amazing life hack ideas we wish we'd had. It's also sometimes a springboard for the weirdly wonderful, like bacon-scented soap. Here are a few of our favorite crazy inventions funded on Kickstarter. Continue Reading >