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  • Best Beaches

    From Myrtle Beach to Maui and Sint Maarten to Sanibel Island, beaches are often people's #1 travel destinations. See the 10 best now!

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  • Best Ski Resorts

    Whether you're a ski demon, or just a ski bunny, we know planning a vacation that involves skiing is on many people's must-do lists. See the 10 best that are not to be overlooked!

    Top 3 ski resorts
  • Best Theme Parks

    Roller coasters, cotton candy, gigantic stuffed animals... Theme parks are good old-fashioned fun for the whole family. See which 10 of these parks are not to be missed!

    Top 3 theme parks
  • Best Spring Break Destinations

    Families, college students, and kids of all ages get a week of much-needed time off each spring. But where to go to let off steam? Our 10 best won't let you down.

    Top 3 spring break destinations
  • Best Foodie Destinations

    Rural or urban, casual or fancy: many destinations are often worth a visit simply for the food. Check out which 10 spots make the top of 10Best readers' lists.

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  • Best Museums

    From history to modern art, and science to child-focused, museums have something for everyone. They may be the reason for your trip, or just one of many sight-seeing activities during your vacation. Vote now for up to 10 of your favorites!

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  • Best Active Destinations

    There's an adventurer in many of us, craving a break from city life, and time to explore. From national parks and white water legends to winter sports Meccas, 10Best readers have selected the 10 best places for active endeavors.

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  • Best Beach Resorts/Hotels

    A resort can make or break a beach vacation, and while different types of travelers look for different things in a hotel, we've compiled of list of the best of the best - the 10Best, if you will.

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  • Best Zoos

    There's something about animals that mystifies and intrigues both young and old. If you can't make an African safari this year, there are spectacular zoos ready to fill the void. According to 10Best readers, here are the top 10.

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  • Best Aquariums

    The many mysteries of the deep still captivate us all, making aquariums a travel destination, rather than an itinerary add-on. These 10 best, as voted by YOU, are no exception.

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