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    Tybee Island, GA

    This laid-back Georgia vacation spot has a great secret that visitors to nearby Savannah often don't know:  Tybee Island's western edge has a beach which looks west . . . and right up Tybee Creek.   It's a solitary and beautiful place to catch a sunset in winter . . . while the rest of the year it offers a near-perfet place for an end-of-day ritual.  Kiss?  Cocktail?  Photos?  It's all good at Tybee sunset.   

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    Sedona, AZ

    Magical is the word often used to describe sunset in Sedona, where monolithic red rock formations jut out of green forests in a circle all around the city.   Whether you're actually facing east, to photograph late-day light on formations visible from Upper Red Rock Loop Road . . . or enjoying a panoramic view from atop the rocks along Airport Road, you'll never forget sunset in Sedona, considered by many to be a life-altering event.  

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    Panama City Beach, FL

    The Florida panhandle destination of Panama City Beach is where southerners go to cool off in sumer.  It's also a famed spring break destination.   What many people don't realize is that this stretch of the panhandle extends further into the Gulf, giving Panama City Beachgoers an exquisite vantage point for sunset.   

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    Tucson, AZ

    West of lovely Tucson is the dramatic viewing area Gates Pass, on the way to West Saguaro National Park.  It sits high above the desert floor and offers visitors sevearl turnouts and two amazing lookouts from which to watch the sun set.  Tucson's indigenous cactus and broad expanse of sky combine with warm hues of day's end to paint a mind's eye picture worth a thousand words.   

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    Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

    When you're on the Pacific coast of Mexico, it feels like the setting sun is . . . right there.  Views of the sun sinking into the ocean from Puero Vallarta are simply breathtaking:  ask any visitor who's had the pleasure of experiencing this treat.   Locals often head to the beach for a view of this event:  why would you miss it if you didn't have to?  

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    Outer Banks, NC

    Where else do you drive east for sunset in the west?   The Outer Banks are perfectly situated for glorious shows at day's end.  Kitty Hawk may have the best location of all, with its westerly views over Albemarle Sound.  But no matter which stretch of the OBX you choose for setting up your camp chair or pulling off the road, look west and you'll remember that particular day for a long time to come.   

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    Key West, FL

    Ernest Hemingway surely did it. Heck, Tennessee Williams probably did, too.  Watching a Key West sunset (especially from Mallory Square) is one of those things that defines "getaway" . . . after all, the Southernmost Point of the US is in Key West.  Sunset watchers feel inspired (and likely relaxed) as they watch each beautiful end to another day in the "Conch Republic."

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    Albuquerque, NM

    One of the first things any Albuquerque resident will do when they have visitors is take them to the top of Sandia Peak (10,378 feet above sea level) on the world's longest aerial tram to watch the sunset over the extinct volcanoes of the West Mesa.

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    Leland, MI

    The charming village of Leland, on the Leelanau Peninsula between Lake Michigan and Lake Leelanau, is one of the great scenic places in America to enjoy lake life and all its perks, including nightly sunset.   The setting is rustic in a way that only an historic fishing village can be.  Nature lovers watch the sun set over Lake Michigan for a postcard-perfect experience.  

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    Clearwater Beach, FL

    Florida vacations on the Gulf coast are all about sunset.  Clearwater Beach's luxuriously wide sandy beach and landmark pier draw locals and visitors for each evening's spectacular event over the Gulf of Mexico.  Nearby bars and restaurants on the beach also have a perfect view of the horizon and sky, as the sun dips into the sea, setting off an evolution of color. 

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