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    Honolulu, Hawaii

    Jaw-dropping views, tropical temperatures, cultural surprises ... and the lure of the Pacific Ocean.  It all adds up to a near-perfect setting for romance.  Couples have a trip of a lifetime when they go to Hawaii, and Honolulu offers them activities as diverse as water sports, garden tours and sexy nightlife.  

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    Charleston, South Carolina

    A regular award-winner for its romantic merits, lovely Charleston is practically heaving with southern charm.  Massive oaks shade this historic coastal city, with its gracious antebellum homes and lush gardens.  Horse-drawn carriages clip-clop down cobblestone streets, past one beautiful church after another.   

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    Mendocino, California

    Lovely Mendocino, with its dramatic coastal setting, lures couples year-round.  With its rich arts scene, and a bevy of fine dining - not to mention Mendocino County wines and beautiful beaches - Mendocino is a prime west coast pick for lovers.  

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    Bar Harbor, Maine

    Tiny Bar Harbor invites exploration on foot.  Cozy B&Bs and classic waterfront hotels set the stage for romance, while whale watching and sailing cruises beckons lovers to a fun day on the water.  Bar Harbor has lots of cozy dining options, and Acadia National Park is just moments away, with all its stunning vistas, trails and landmarks.

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    Naples, Florida

    Chic and sunny Naples is a great getaway for romance.  Its west-facing pier is the perfect place to unwind together during sunset. Naples' beautiful downtown is tropical and walkable, making it the perfect setting for a leisurely stroll, day or night.  Art galleries, tennis, golf, watersports, fine dining and cultural opportunities abound.

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    New Orleans, Louisiana

    Although New Orleans has a reputation as a place to party (and it offers unlimited sexy nightlife) this stunning city also gives couples an elegant setting in which to relax.  The foodie scene is alive and well, and gracious homes, gardens and streets all invite discovery.  Between its sights, sounds and people, New Orleans provides an experience that's highly memorable for couples.

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    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Santa Fe has so many romantic aspects, it's hard to list them all. Beautiful architecture, tempting galleries, crisp air and brilliant blue skies, soothing Native American music and several gorgeous hotels all within a short stroll of the historic Plaza . . . this is Santa Fe.  

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    Victoria, British Columbia

    Mountains swoop down to the sea in this European-looking Pacific Northwest destination.  Whale watching, lush parks and unique dining options add to the fun for lovers who venture beyond mainland Canada to find romance in charming Victoria.   

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    Savannah, Georgia

    There's a reason Sherman didn't burn Savannah during his march across the South.  Over a dozen park-like town squares dot this lovely city in Georgia's low country.  Couples stroll through quiet neighborhoods, or explore the bustling waterfront.  Forsyth Park offers a lovely place to picnic, and cozy hotels are easy to find. 

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    St. Paul, Minnesota

    St. Paul is the smaller, quieter and, many say, the more sophisticated of the Twin Cities.  While not an obvious choice as a romantic getaway, couples love it for its diverse romantic offerings, like leisurely paddle- wheeler rides along the Mississippi, beer tastings, or ice skating.   St. Paul also has a thriving performing arts scene. 

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