Best Phoenix, AZ Restaurants

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    9. Tuck Shop

    The motto at Tuck Shop is "neighborhood comfort shop." Tucked away in a central Phoenix neighborhood, this popular restaurant serves carefully crafted comfort food in a small, intimate dining room. The menu, which...

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    7. Pizzeria Bianco

    Chris Bianco's celebrated pizza evokes memories of Naples. A wood-fired brick oven and a passion for quality make Bianco's traditional Neapolitan pizza crust a work of art. The restaurant was famously short-listed by...

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    6. Crudo

    Sushi sensibility meets traditional Italian flavors at Crudo, Phoenix's hip Italian cafe specializing in sashimi-style seafood. Fresh, simple and always-intriguing, the Crudo ("raw" in Italian) menu emphasizes...

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    5. Beckett's Table

    Beckett's Table is the brainchild of Chef Justin Beckett, who wanted to create a restaurant that celebrates the values of farm-to-table cuisine in a friendly, communal setting. The interior at Beckett's Table is...

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    3. St. Francis

    This bustling central Phoenix restaurant offers charm in spades. The stripped-down aesthetic is married with modern loft design, making this one of the more inviting and interesting dining rooms in the city. The food...

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Local Expert Restaurant Recommendations

About Phoenix, AZ Restaurants

Phoenix has a fairly well-rounded restaurant scene, with many cuisines represented and a good range of upscale fine dining and casual inexpensive options. A classy, traditional French repast is best at Christopher's Fermier Brasserie or Bistro 24; Italian feasts are top-notch at Christo's and Postino. This being the West, steakhouses are predominant – locally-owned Durant's is the go-to for in-the-know locals, but you'll find most of major steakhouse chains, too, including Houston's, Morton's, and Ruth's Chris. Obviously, Mexican and Southwest cuisines are favored here, too. Standouts such as Los Dos Molinos, Richardson's, Sam's Café, and El Bravo offer fantastic food and atmosphere. For special occasion dining, try T. Cook's or Vincent's on Camelback, both upscale, white-linen restaurants with stellar food, impeccable service and impressive wine lists. The ambience at multiple award-winning Tarbell's is a bit more casual, but the contemporary American cuisine is on par with the city's best fine dining establishments. A couple of specific tips for enjoying an unforgettable meal while you're sightseeing: Time your visit to the Phoenix Art Museum to coincide with lunchtime so you can enjoy a sumptuous meal at their Arcadia Farms restaurant, and pair a South Mountain Park outing with a stop at the Farm at South Mountain which serves super-fresh garden produce all day in three separate restaurants.

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