10 Best Art Galleries in Tucson: Finding High Art in the Desert

Patricia Escarcega

By , Local Expert, Tucson
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Tucson has a long history of attracting artists and dreamers. The awe-inspiring beauty of the desert and the city's rich cultural heritage all serve as inspiration for artists who have carved out a home in the city. It's no wonder, then, that Tucson also has a thriving art gallery scene that draws admirers and collectors from around the world. One of our favorite Tucson art galleries is DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun. Once the home and workshop of renown artist Ted DeGrazia, today the gallery is an architectural hand-made marvel that also doubles as a working gallery where visitors can pick up original art created by DeGrazia....  Read more »

  • 1

    DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun

    DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun provides an in-depth look into the life, work and home of one of the Southwest's most beloved artists.

    Local Expert Tip: "Original art available in the large gift shop and gallery."

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    Solar Culture

    Solar Culture is one of downtown Tucson's longest-running art galleries and a repository for the area's best local artists.

    Local Expert Tip: "Check out the calendar for the eclectic live music calendar."

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    Davis Dominguez Gallery

    The Davis Dominguez Gallery in Tucson is one of the city's longest-running galleries, featuring fine modern...  Read more »

    Local Expert Tip: "The gallery is usually closed in the summer. Check the schedule before visiting. "

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    Eric Firestone Gallery

    The Eric Firestone Gallery is an internationally acclaimed name in the contemporary art scene and one of Tucson's most unique galleries.

    Local Expert Tip: "Come here to find unique arts & crafts pieces from the early 20th century. "

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    Obsidian Gallery

    Obsidian Gallery in downtown Tucson is one of the city's leading art galleries, a well-respected source for fine contemporary art and jewelry.

    Local Expert Tip: "Come here to find a great selection of unique studio art jewelry."

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    Old Town Artisans

    Old Town Artisans is located at the site of Tucson's historic Spanish fort, and now stands as one of downtown's best shopping and dining destinations.

    Local Expert Tip: "Stop by Old Town Artisans for quality handmade gifts to suit every taste."

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    Philabaum Glass Gallery

    Philabaum Glass Gallery in Tucson is the city's premier source for high quality glass art.

    Local Expert Tip: "Call ahead to schedule to watch the gallery's glass blowers in action. "

  • 8

    Sacred Machine

    Sacred Machine is one of Tucson's most beautiful and enigmatic art spaces and galleries.

    Local Expert Tip: "Great spot for unique art gift items."

  • 9

    Etherton Gallery

    Etherton Gallery specializes in museum quality vintage and contemporary photography that offers striking images of the West.

    Local Expert Tip: "Check the schedule of exhibits. Etherton Gallery is an award-winning gallery and a great place to take the pulse of modern fine art photography. "

  • 10

    Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery

    Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery and Workshop is one of Tucson's top venues for discovering and enjoying the city's Latino art scene.

    Local Expert Tip: "Community outreach events at Raices Taller gallery offers great insight into Tucson's rich cultural landscape and community spirit."



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