10 Best Aruba Restaurants: For Those Seeking More Than Just Great Food

Liliana Erasmus

By , Local Expert, Aruba
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"Bolo preto" (traditional fruitcake) at a wedding, baptism or holy communion. "Suls" (seared pickled pork cuts with Madame Jeanette peppers and onion slices) for a Christmas snack. "Pan cu carco stoba" (stew conch sandwich) while playing dominoes and drinking ice cold beer at the beach. "Conserbe di pinda" (home-made peanut candy) for the sweet tooths. Arubans love the good life and food plays an important role on this island, as visitors may have noticed. There are restaurants, cafes, bistros, snack and sushi bars, fast food chains and local food trucks everywhere. But for the best fine dining experiences in Aruba, there's no...  Read more »

  • 1

    White Modern Cuisine

    • Cuisine: Ethnic, Organic
    • Average Main Course Price: 40
    • Neighborhood: Palm Beach

    Local Expert Tip: "To fully enjoy this exquisite culinary journey, just forget about time. Relax and let the driven and talented staff of White Modern Cuisine indulge your senses."

  • 2

    Screaming Eagle Restaurant-Lounge

    • Cuisine: Ethnic, Fusion
    • Average Main Course Price: 30
    • Neighborhood: Eagle Beach

    Local Expert Tip: "Screaming Eagle is open daily and offers different Seasonal Specials every week. Check them out on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ScreamingEagleRestaurant "

  • 3

    2 Fools and a Bull

    • Cuisine: Ethnic
    • Average Main Course Price: 80
    • Neighborhood: Palm Beach

    Local Expert Tip: "2 Fools and a Bull only accepts online reservations. Calls can be made to check for any potential openings via 297-5867177 till 3 pm."

  • 4

    Carte Blanche

    • Cuisine: Ethnic, European
    • Average Main Course Price: 50
    • Neighborhood: Palm Beach

    Local Expert Tip: "All reservations need to be reconfirmed personally by phone at least 24 hours before the set date."

  • 5

    Flying Fishbone

    Local Expert Tip: "It would be a crime not to mention Flying Fishbone's cocktail list, especially the Flying Fishbone Martini (and the Watermelon one or... be sure to find your favorite mix)"

  • 6


    • Cuisine: Caribbean, Ethnic
    • Average Main Course Price: 40
    • Neighborhood: Noord

    Local Expert Tip: "Papiamento's Cas di Biña (Wine Bodega) houses more than 140 excellent wines from around the world and is open to visitors at all times. "

  • 7

    Amuse Bistro

    Local Expert Tip: "Please, don't throw away those wine corks, but leave them with the chef's right-hand woman and wife, Ivette van der Donk, so she can upcycle them into cool and useful works of art."

  • 8


    • Cuisine: Caribbean, Ethnic
    • Average Main Course Price: 30
    • Neighborhood: L.G.Smith Boulevard

    Local Expert Tip: "With the help of local wine suppliers, Maitre D' Luc Beerepoot created an impressive list and is always ready to help guests select the right wine to pair."

  • 9

    El Gaucho

    Local Expert Tip: "Ask for the "Conch Harbor-Style" appetizer, it's a local favorite."

  • 10

    La Trattoria El Faro Blanco

    Local Expert Tip: "La Trattoria El Faro Blanco conveniently offers disposable cameras, film rolls, bottled water and unique lighthouse souvenirs."



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