Circular Quay
Manly Ferry Trip

These ferry trips are a great way to get a peek at Sydney's best sites. The large, two-story ferries serve refreshments on board, and you can enjoy a light bite as the ferry cruises near Manly Beach. The service has been a popular activity for...  Read More

Sydney Explorer Bus

A perfect beginning to a Sydney visit, this bus tour grants a great overview of the city's sites and events. Guests receive a full commentary on all the sites they pass, including the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and Darling Harbour. A...  Read More

Sydney Tower Centrepoint
Photo courtesy of Renate Ruge

This tower's observation deck is the highest in the southern hemisphere, and at 1000 feet, the tower is by far Sydney's tallest structure. The view extends from Wollongong to the Blue Mountains and encompasses the north to central coast. The...  Read More

The name is actually a bit misleading since this building shelters much more than just an opera house. In fact, it includes five different performance spaces: a concert hall, an opera theatre and three spaces for dramatic arts. In addition,...  Read More

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Pylon Lookout
Photo courtesy of Renate Ruge

Known to locals as "The Coat Hanger," this bridge was the longest single-span bridge in the world when it was built in 1932. Tutankhamun's tomb had just been discovered during this period as well, which is why the pylons have an Egyptian...  Read More

Wondering where those fantastic photos of the Harbour and Opera House you saw in souvenir shops were taken? You'll know once you visit Mrs. Macquarie's Chair. The wife of Governor Macquarie used to walk to this spot and sit in a chair that had...  Read More


This adventure offers folks the chance to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a city landmark. After climbing the 1337 steps to the top, you are rewarded with a stunning panoramic view of the harbor. You'll receive a complimentary...  Read More

Why not soak up some of Sydney's rich history while doing a little shopping. The Queen Victorias Building was built in 1898 to celebrate the Queen's Golden Jubilee. The heritage building features 21 domes, each of which is 65 feet in diameter....  Read More

This Gothic Revival cathedral, modeled after Notre Dame, is a must-see. It boasts a beautiful terrazzo-tiled floor in the crypt, and stained glass windows depict the early days of Catholicism. Although Sydney was settled in 1788, it wasn't until...  Read More