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How do you party? Loud and rowdy? Intimate and low-key? Fun-filled and social? Fear not - Sydney has a night club to fit your style. Grab your friends and get ready, because we'll guide you to the places the city is known for and tell you everything you need to make the most of your night. Sometimes, you want to hang out with a beverage in hand, and Darlo Bar is a perfect alternative for those times, offering a bustling scene and friendly patrons. On the other hand, live music in Sydney is always entertaining, and places like Lansdowne Hotel invite folks to crank up the volume and indulge in rhythms and talent. Of course, dancing is a perennial favorite, and there's nowhere better to show off your moves than at Slip Inn. Get started early, and let Sydney see what you're made of!

- Sydney Expert Trent Van der Jagt