Best Salzburg Nightlife

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    10. Chez Roland

    For decades, this brother and sister-run operation has been keeping tourists and locals coming back for more. The bar sits in an old saltcellar, and the décor is quite natural and features high ceilings. Chez Roland...

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    9. Altstadt Keller

    This pub mixes up traditional live music and entrées like chili con carne. Additional menu options include soups, sandwiches, and even omelets. Alstandt Keller is quite eclectic and very popular. The ambience tends...

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    8. O'Malley's Irish Pub

    With authentic Irish food and Guinness on tap, stepping into this pub is like being in Dublin. The interior features hardwood floors, heavy furniture, and lots of green accents. O'Malley's opens early and is home to...

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    7. Shamrock Irish Pub

    Crowded, loud, and very trendy, this traditional Irish pub attracts a young crowd. The ambience is casual and friendly. The pub even has Guinness on draft.

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    6. Stiegl Hell

    This brewpub has an extremely casual atmosphere. Despite the doomsday name, it offers an array of the world famous Stiegl beer and a simple décor with hardwood floors.

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    5. Stieglkeller

    This classic pub environment features an evening band. Patrons tend to enjoy a round of brews on Stieglkeller's expansive terrace, which offers great views of the city.

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    4. Stadt Kaffee

    When attractive hordes of young glamorous locals flock to the square, that's the cue this trendy bar is open for business. Stadt Kaffee, along with the adjacent Kino, offers a luxuriously plush ambience and energetic...

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    3. Vis à Vis

    This popular stop is one of the many nightlife venues located along the river. Vis à Vis feels more like a café than a bar and tends to attract a younger crowd. The atmosphere is casual, and the bar offers a full...

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    2. Seitensprung

    An elegant atmosphere drapes this very chic bar. The Seitensprung, which when translated implies keeping someone on the side, offers a diverse setting. The bar gets crowded and the ambience is tastefully dark. There...

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    1. Podium

    Located along the riverside, this pub is both casual and friendly. Podium occasionally offers live musical entertainment and features a classic brewpub décor.

Local Expert Nightlife Recommendations

Local Expert Nightlife Recommendations

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