1st District
Café Bräunerhof
Photo courtesy of Vienna Unwrapped

This "literary" Kaffeehaus is one of Vienna's oldest and features the best selection of international newspapers in the city. Well-known musicians and artists frequented here in past times. Enjoy one of their mouthwatering pastries with a cup of...  Read More

Many of the great names of the Golden Age of the coffee house wits frequented Café Central: Hugo von Hofmannstal, Anton Kuh, Egon Friedell, Peter Altenberg. It was also a gathering place for the city's chess players – including Leo Trotsky...  Read More

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One of the few coffee houses to make its name after WWII, Hawelka became the meeting place for the post-war literati, many of whom were returning from exile. Through the '60s and '70s it also became popular with artists, actors and musicians,...  Read More

1st District
Café Imperial
Photo courtesy of Vienna Unwrapped

Opened in 1873, Café Imperial was Sigmund Freud's favored coffee house. Today, you can read one of the many international newspapers and relax with a cup of coffee and a slice of the famous Imperial Torte.

1st District

Situated next to the Burg Theatre and opposite Town Hall, Landtmann is frequented by many actors and politicians. Press conferences are regularly held here, and there is a small theatre in the cellar. There are tables on the forecourt, from...  Read More

1st District

Take a stroll in the Stadtpark and then enjoy breakfast in this 100-year-old coffeehouse on the Ringstrasse. The café was refurbished in the 1950s and is now famous for its period design. It hosts regular literary readings and there is live...  Read More

In addition to the traditional features of a Viennese coffee house, Café Schwarzenberg offers a wide range of teas; holds exhibitions, concerts and readings; and has a room for non-smokers, the "Damensalon" (ladies' salon). You can order...  Read More

The café to visit if you like to play billiards or cards. You can also drop in after a shopping trip on the Mariahilferstrasse and relax over a drink, a snack and some of the home-made cakes and pastries. There is a lovely garden to enjoy in...  Read More

1st District

Vienna's oldest café, established in 1788, provides a quaint and charming atmosphere. Mozart is said to have performed here. Today it is a popular destination for tourists and shoppers who enjoy excellent desserts and a historical atmosphere.

1st District

You will find a Heiner on the Kaerntnerstrass, which is very pleasant, but the Heiner a few minutes walk away on the Wollzeille is absolutely delightful. Both serve all the traditional cakes (Sachertorte, Dobostorte and Esterhazytorte) and the...  Read More