Things to do in Abaco

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Things to See

In addition to the beaches, Abacos has several attractions. The Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club is a private residential resort offering an excellent course and spa. The Albert Lowe Museum is set in a restored home and catalogs the history of the island. The house itself contains photographs, paintings by Alton Lowe (one of the most renowned painters in the Bahamas), and rooms that display 18th-century life in the area.


Visitors must be members of The Baker's Bay Golf & Ocean Club in order to golf there.

Where to Stay

Hotels in Abaco run the gamut from large scale resorts to small hotels.  High-end luxury resorts with accommodations like restaurants and swimming pools are located in Marsh Harbour, Treasure Cay, Hope Town and Greet Turtle Cay. Several resorts also rent out small cottages with private stretches of beach. Most hotels will have views of the ocean, and although air-conditioning is standard, many hotels may lack other conveniences or supply them at additional cost.


Some accommodations can be quite remote, so check in advance before booking.

What to Eat

The restaurants of Abaco generally serve local cuisine consisting of seafood like fish, lobster, crab and conch. Larger resorts will serve international dishes, and many smaller restaurants will serve the occasional American dish. Many restaurants have live music, especially on the weekends, and are a core part of the live music and nightlife scene in Abaco.

Hot Tips:

Only few, high-end restaurants require a specific attire.

Places to Party

Many restaurants on the island turn into live music venues at night and especially on the weekends. Nipper's, a three-story establishment with an ocean view, is one of the most popular of several bars on Abaco. Music clubs, like Curly Tails and Harbour's Edge, are venues for live music and local bands.


Many of the music clubs can either be very popular or incredibly empty depending on the day.

Where to Shop

Several art galleries, like Joe's Studio and Johnston Studios Art Gallery, sell paintings, books, clothing, and sculptures by local artists. An abundance of gift shops is located in Elbow Cay, selling souvenirs, shirts, books, driftwood carvings, and cigars. Vert's Model Ship Shop in Turtle Cay is a specialty store selling high-end, hand crafted model ships.


Several of the souvenir stores in Abaco have erratic store hours.