If your perfect vacation day includes soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, or swimming in the ocean, then our Nassau guide is just what you need. Our 10Best list highlights the best places to soak up the sun, with Cable Beach being a favorite of our editors and readers. Turn off the laptop, pack your beach attire, and get ready for a relaxing day of taking in rays.

10 South Beach
While it's rarely visited by tourists, South Beach does see have its busy times. The majority of the activity here is on weekends, when local friends and families gather to enjoy the sun, sand and water. A long, relatively narrow beach, between Cay Point and Long Point.

9 Cable Beach
Widely considered one of the best beaches in the Bahamas, Cable Beach is conveniently speckled with several major hotels. It lies about three miles west of downtown Nassau and is notable for its calm waters and expanse of fine white sand. The vast majority of tourists end up here, so space is often at a premium. Vendors hawking t-shirts, seashell jewelry and sunscreen meander through the crowds, sometimes offering lessons in popular water sports. (242-322-7500)

8 Junkanoo Beach
Junkanoo Beach is not as sprawling as some of the other Bahamas beaches and, as a result, is much less crowded. Its proximity to Nassau's lively downtown makes it an easy option for vacationers who want to stay on foot. Junkanoo is a relatively quiet spot most of the year, but during spring break, watch out! One of the few beaches that has public toilets and changing facilities, it's popular among locals and vacationers alike.

7 Montagu Beach
Montagu beach lies southeast of Paradise Island, and is the site of historic Fort Montagu. It's a popular destination and generally busy, though not quite to the extent of Cable and Cabbage Beaches. Nassau's annual Valentine's Day Sailing Regatta is held here.

6 Caves Beach
Situated on the north shore of New Providence, this is west of Cable Beach and therefore considerably less crowded. It's an appealing little beach that doesn't get much tourist traffic, so it's ideal if you need some space away from the throngs of vacationers at the other beaches closer to town. (242-322-7500)

5 Saunders Beach
Sheltered by Coral Island, the water off Saunders Beach is calm and ideal for family swimming. A handful of food and beverage vendors usually stake out some territory here, and the white sand and clear blue water make this a lovely destination for locals and tourists alike.

4 Delaporte Beach
The village of Delaporte's public beach is another great option if you're trying to avoid the crowds. Located between Cable and Caves Beaches, it's slightly closer to downtown Nassau, yet far enough off the beaten path that most tourists never see it. If you go, check out the village, too -- it's a charmer!

3 Adelaide Beach
Adelaide Beach is not on most tourists' radar, which is either a bonus or a drawback, depending on your point of view. On the south side of New Providence Island, the beach here is long and virtually empty during the week. On weekends it's popular with local residents. (242-322-7500)

2 Love Beach
On the north shore past Gambier Village, Love Beach is the site of the world famous Compass Point Studios. It also happens to be a prime destination for snorkeling, although most folks never make the nine-mile trip from downtown Nassau. Technically, the beach is restricted to use by local residents, but it's virtually deserted most of the time so if you're respectful you won't encounter any problems.

1 Cabbage Beach
Named one of the best in the world, Paradise Island's Cabbage Beach hosts several of the big hotels. Public access is on Casino Drive. The beach itself is a beautiful, wide stretch of white sand spanning about two miles of coastline. There are several places to rent watersports equipment, from jet skis to floats. Not surprisingly, it tends to be crowded and busy, more so at the western end. (242-322-7500)

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