Going out to eat isn't always about cravings. Often enough, mealtimes dictate our choices, limiting restaurant possibilities. When circumstances narrow the options, let 10Best help. We'll direct you to the best Lunch restaurants in Nassau and save you the hassle of calling around for business hours. 10Best readers find much to enjoy at Dune thanks to its all-around good offerings. It's also hard to beat The Poop Deck, which serves just what you're looking for when you're in the market for a great Lunch.

Graycliff Restaurant
Regarded as the best restaurant on New Providence, if not in the Caribbean, Graycliff also happens to have one of the world's top wine cellars. Offering some 250,000 bottles — from an 1865 Chateau Lafitte Rothschild Premier Grand Cru Classe to a 2001 Niebaum-Coppola merlot — the cellar has it all, in every price range. Graycliff is also known for its 90-some varieties of cigars, many of which are hand-rolled on the premises by Cuban ex-pats. The food, expectedly, is crafted with the finest ingredients: beluga caviar, foie gras, truffles, lobster, Certified Angus beef, milk-fed veal, imported Parma ham, and fresh seafood. Reservations are essential. (242-302-9150, 242-326-6110)

The Poop Deck
If you're searching for a casual restaurant with a great view, the perfect terrace to enjoy it from, and some tasty food, look no further — just head over to the Poop Deck. The menu is mostly pub grub and Bahamian standards — conch fritters, buffalo wings, burgers, grouper fingers, chicken tenders and the like. But at dinner there are some more upscale main courses such as steak, grilled lobster and shrimp, and a catch of the day prepared to your liking. This is an excellent place to nurse a beer or a cocktail while watching the sun set over the marina. (242-393-8175)

The Shoal
The Shoal serves true home-style Bahamian cooking in a fantastic casual and friendly atmosphere. Try okra soup, creamy conch chowder, cracked conch, crispy grouper fingers, well-spiced mutton and the like, all served with the national dish of peas 'n' rice. And if you're hankering for an authentic Bahamian breakfast, plan to come here on a Saturday morning when they serve up awesome boil fish and johnnycake — your company will be throngs of loyal locals! (242-323-4400)

Café Matisse
Matisse the painter may have been thoroughly French, but Matisse the café is completely Italian. Set in an 1800s home, the restaurant has a charming courtyard and an abundance of colorful art prints on the walls. The menu changes every three months, taking advantage of the freshest available produce, but dishes are creative and wonderfully flavorful. You might enjoy an appetizer of thinly sliced veal with a tuna-caper sauce, or lobster salad with hearts of palm and orange-ginger vinaigrette. Pastas and gnocchi are homemade, and main dishes such as rack of lamb, baked snapper with braised fennel, and veal with prosciutto on a bed of spinach are all divine. (242-356-7012)

Bahamian Cookin
Why not lunch at a restaurant with a name like Bahamian Kitchen? The locals have known about this hangout for a while and now travelers and visitors have been let in on this secret. Known for seafood, but also caters to the salad and sandwich crowd. Casual attire. (242-328-0334)

Double Dragon
Offering a welcome diversion from the local Bahamian fare, Double Dragon specializes in Cantonese and Szechwan cuisine. Indeed, their chefs are natives of Canton province, which gives the food here an element of authenticity that's lacking at some other Chinese restaurants. There are numerous options on the menu, from beef and chicken dishes to seafood and pork, with several vegetarian choices as well. A good choice for fans of super spicy food, especially if their dining companions prefer things a little milder! Full service bar. Dine in, take out or delivery (242-393-5718)

East Villa Restaurant
A bit more upscale than many of the restaurants in town, with quietly stylish décor, East Villa is a great choice if you're looking for something different but still affordable. The restaurant specializes in Chinese cuisine, with lovely mixtures of fresh veggies and meats or seafood in tasty sauces, some spicy, some mild. Other options include a flavorful broiled New York strip steak and a handful of Continental dishes. (242-393-3377)

A lovely destination for a quiet, relaxed, romantic evening, Androsia has everything going for it. Gracious hosts and expert staff, a fine Continental menu, and what is widely regarded as one of the prettiest settings on the island. The specialty of the house is Peppersteak au Paris, a sirloin served with a sauce of Dijon mustard, cracked peppercorns, cream and brandy. There are numerous other options as well, including a nice selection of local seafood. Reservations are definitely recommended. (242-327-7805, 242-327-6430)

Anthony's is so authentically Caribbean that one bite will have you hearing steel drums! Invigorating splashes of primary colors provide the backdrop for the equally uplifting service. The salads are mega-sized and can easily be considered a meal. Lunch and dinner platters include lobster, spicy jerk chicken or ribs with coconut mango sauce. (242-363-3152)

Capriccio Ristorante
From the outside, this looks like an upscale Italian ristorante, with grand columns and an attractive open terrace. Inside, however, the atmosphere is that of a busy trattoria. The midday lineup is mostly sandwiches and salads, accompanied by an espresso or cappuccino. Evening meals are heartier, with appealing choices such as spaghetti with pesto and pine nuts, and chicken with sage and wine sauce. The staff may look like locals, but they're experts when it comes to traditional Italian cuisine! (242-327-8547)

Maps and Directions

Graycliff Restaurant 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Continental
Cost: $$$
The Poop Deck 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Caribbean, Seafood
Cost: $$$
The Shoal 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Caribbean
Cost: $$
Café Matisse 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: European, Italian
Neighborhood: Nassau
Cost: $$$$
Bahamian Cookin 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Caribbean
Neighborhood: Nassau
Cost: $
Double Dragon 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
Neighborhood: Nassau
Cost: $$
East Villa Restaurant 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Seafood, Steakhouse
Neighborhood: Nassau
Cost: $$
Androsia 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Continental, Seafood, Steakhouse
Cost: $$$
Anthony's 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Caribbean
Neighborhood: Paradise Island
Cost: $
Capriccio Ristorante 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: European, Italian
Neighborhood: CABLE BEACH
Cost: $$
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