Historic Sites

This square, one of Europe's most ornate, is the spiritual heart of Brussels. Even today, most of the city's free concerts, fairs, parades and pageants make use of the Baroque masterpiece. In the 17th century, a bombardment devastated the area,...  Read More

This spectacular cathedral was called the "purest flowering of the Gothic style" by none other than Victor Hugo. Begun in 1226, the church was consecrated as a cathedral only in 1961. Through the years, additions and embellishments have been...  Read More

Palais Royal

The traditional palace of independent Belgium now houses the king's office, the crown prince's residence, and a small museum with artifacts from the royal dynasty. The palace overlooks Parc du Bruxelles and the parliament building. If the...  Read More

Palais de Justice

This mammoth edifice was built at the behest of King Leopold II, who wanted to underscore the importance of law and justice in the independent state. Built between 1866 and 1883, it's larger than St. Peter's in Rome and was the largest structure...  Read More


The original palace of Brussels was built on this site, Coudenberg Hill, beside the current Royal Palace in the late 11th century. Having been rebuilt and extended several times, it was occupied by the Dukes of Brabant, then the Dukes of...  Read More