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As with any big city, Brussels offers techno-style dance clubs; however, its nightlife is best described as “refined.” After a long day’s work in the Bourse or EU, folks crave a spot to relax and chat with friends or to listen to some jazz. And regardless of whether you're in an upscale brasserie or a homey pub, drinking in Belgium means beer. The relatively small country produces an impressive 400 beers, and they come in a wide variety of flavors and styles. Belgium’s five Trappist monasteries produce some of the most highly regarded brews, and the lambics (produced around Brussels) take advantage of naturally present yeasts for fermentation. A mix of young and aged lambic is known as gueuze, and many restaurants hold and age a collection of them, much as you would do fine wines. Wheat or white beers have been growing in popularity and are especially prevalent during summer months. Fruit beers are popular as well. In addition, kriek, flavored with bitter cherries, is widely available, as is framboise (or frambozen), beer flavored with raspberries. As an aside, each Belgian beer is served in a unique glass, ranging from a goblet to a flute – rely on your bartender to provide the proper shape.