Best Brussels Shopping

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    10. Vieux Marche

    This flea market has been in operation since 1640, and it's been open daily since 1919. The working-class district of Marolles is a pleasant morning destination. Grab a cup of coffee and a waffle, and watch the...

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    9. Avenue Louise

    It makes sense that the fashionable enclave of Ixelles is home to shopping hotspot Avenue Louise. Inno, the city's most well-rounded department store, offers everything from clothing to housewares and has a branch...

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    8. Galeries Saint-Hubert

    This Italian Neo-Renaissance arcade is considered one of Europe's oldest "malls." Charged by King Leopold I with its construction in 1837, young architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaars converted the entire Rue Saint-Hubert...

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    7. Leonidas

    To maintain its stellar reputation, Belgian chocolate is strictly monitored for quality by the government. Consequently, it's impossible to find "bad" Belgian chocolate. But how do you decide where to shop for it?...

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    6. Wittamer

    This pastry shop is one of Brussels' most famous, and rightly so. Wittamer has been building a reputation since 1910, and locals show up to grab a light breakfast, to indulge in a fabulous dessert, or to find a gift...

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    5. Boutique de Tintin

    A comic memento is a unique, fitting way to remember a trip to Brussels, and no character is more closely associated with Belgium than Tintin. Luckily, this shop offers plenty of merchandise, including Tintin...

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    4. Kaat Tilley

    This popular Belgian designer has become a household name since debuting in 1985. Thanks to an affinity for light silks and chiffon, her fashions for women are described as "floaty" and "fairy-like." In addition to a...

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    3. Manufacture Belge de Dentelle

    How can you visit Belgium without bringing home authentic Belgian lace? Brussels' largest lace-maker offers excellent, reasonably-priced handmade goods, which are of higher quality and greater durability than...

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    1. Place du Grand Sablon

    This square takes its name from "sable," the French word for "sand." Years ago, the area was a nondescript, sandy lowland on the way to Brussels proper. Today, the square is filled with art galleries, boutiques and...

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