• 1

    Horseshoe Bay

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Southampton Parish

    Another great choice for families is Horseshoe Bay, one of Bermuda's most popular beaches. Why? Complete...  Read more »

  • 2

    Elbow Beach

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Paget Parish

    The most popular beach for swimming in Bermuda! The mile-long expanse of pink sand is gorgeous, and a line...  Read more »

  • 3

    Tobacco Bay

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: St George's Parish

    In 1775, islanders gathered at Tobacco Bay to load gunpowder (taken from the British) onto American ships...  Read more »

  • 4

    Shelly Bay

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Pembroke Parish

    A true child's paradise! Shallow, blue-green tropical waters, sand laced with tiny shells, and plenty of...  Read more »

  • 5

    Astwood Cove

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Warwick Parish

    Nestled below the steep cliffs of Warwick Parish, Astwood Cove provides a remote retreat from the bustle of...  Read more »

  • 6

    Warwick Long Bay

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Warwick Parish

    Nicely maintained, Warwick Long Bay is known as the island's longest beach. Unique to the bay and less than...  Read more »

  • 7

    Church Bay

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Southampton Parish

    Church Bay combines the best of sunbathing on pink sand beaches and snorkeling along the coral cliffs. The...  Read more »

  • 8

    John Smith's Bay

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Smiths Parish

    John Smith, the governor of the US settlement of Jamestown, holds the honor of having this bay named for...  Read more »

  • 9

    Chaplin Bay

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Warwick Parish

    Chaplin Bay is perfect for a quiet afternoon at the beach. You can enjoy the warm breeze, bright sun and...  Read more »

  • 10

    Somerset Long Bay

    • Type: Beaches
    • Neighborhood: Sandys Parish

    This seldom-visited, secluded beach is ideal for catching rays from noon to late afternoon. Avid swimmers...  Read more »



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