If your perfect vacation day includes soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, or swimming in the ocean, then our Bermuda guide is just what you need. Our 10Best list highlights the best places to soak up the sun, with Horseshoe Bay being a favorite of our editors and readers. Turn off the laptop, pack your beach attire, and get ready for a relaxing day of taking in rays.

10 Tobacco Bay
In 1775, islanders gathered at Tobacco Bay to load gunpowder (taken from the British) onto American ships for their use in battle during the Revolutionary War. Today visitors can enjoy Tobacco Bay for its many great amenities. The nearby beach club has food for sale and rents everything you need to enjoy the beach or the water. Changing rooms and public toilets are free.

9 Horseshoe Bay
Another great choice for families is Horseshoe Bay, one of Bermuda's most popular beaches. Why? Complete amenities are available for a full day of fun. It's also one of the few beaches with a lifeguard on duty all summer. Complete concessions and gear rental are available- just bring your suit and sunscreen.

8 Elbow Beach
The most popular beach for swimming in Bermuda! The mile-long expanse of pink sand is gorgeous, and a line of coral reefs ensure that the beach has the calmest waters on the island. Three hotel properties are located on the beach's edge, making it an ideal place for spring break activities.

7 Astwood Cove
Nestled below the steep cliffs of Warwick Parish, Astwood Cove provides a remote retreat from the bustle of Hamilton. It's the perfect quiet place to spend the day with a good book and the ones you love.

6 Warwick Long Bay
Nicely maintained, Warwick Long Bay is known as the island's longest beach. Unique to the bay and less than 100 yards from shore, a coral reef seems to magically jut above the water. When you've had enough sand and surf for the day, enjoy the nearby sandy dune pathways, which connect a string of coves all the way to Horseshoe Bay Beach.

5 Chaplin Bay
Chaplin Bay is perfect for a quiet afternoon at the beach. You can enjoy the warm breeze, bright sun and even a little rock climbing on two large formations. The best time to visit is low tide, because the beach is almost always submerged at high tide.

4 Church Bay
Church Bay combines the best of sunbathing on pink sand beaches and snorkeling along the coral cliffs. The intricate composition of coral makes a great habitat for a wide variety of marine life. Grab a mask and some flippers and head to Church Bay for a day of sun and fun.

3 Somerset Long Bay
This seldom-visited, secluded beach is ideal for catching rays from noon to late afternoon. Avid swimmers visit other beaches, but visitors to Somerset Long Bay enjoy the shallow waters, cooling off from the intense sun on this quarter-mile stretch of sandy paradise. Public rest rooms are available.

2 Shelly Bay
A true child's paradise! Shallow, blue-green tropical waters, sand laced with tiny shells, and plenty of toys for rent promise hours of fun. Not only can you swim and explore the tidal pools, you can also rent a locker, beach gear, snorkels and a sailboat. The nearby Shelly Bay Beach House provides plenty of drinks and basic food for hungry vacationers.

1 John Smith's Bay
John Smith, the governor of the US settlement of Jamestown, holds the honor of having this bay named for him. It's a well-deserved tribute, given the bitter winter he and the settlers encountered after arriving in America. The warm weather at this Bermuda Bay is a far cry from Jamestown's cold winters. The Beach is long and flat and offers only the most basic toilet and changing facilities. Be sure to bring everything you need for a day in the sun.

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Tobacco Bay 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Neighborhood: ST GEORGE'S PARISH
Horseshoe Bay 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Elbow Beach 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Neighborhood: PAGET PARISH
Astwood Cove 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Neighborhood: WARWICK PARISH
Warwick Long Bay 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Neighborhood: WARWICK PARISH
Chaplin Bay 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Neighborhood: WARWICK PARISH
Church Bay 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Somerset Long Bay 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Neighborhood: SANDYS PARISH
Shelly Bay 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
John Smith's Bay 10Best List Arrow
Type: Beaches
Neighborhood: SMITHS PARISH
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