What to See and Do in Malibu, California

Beaches, beaches and more beaches...and hiking trails. You'll be in outdoor bliss when visiting Malibu, California as it is home to some of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in California. It's easy to forget how close you are to Los Angeles when in Malibu thanks to the charming beach community's rugged beaches and numerous hiking trails, some of which go through the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains. Therefore it's no surprise that some of the top attractions of Malibu have to do with nature. When it comes to the beaches part of nature, Malibu doesn't disappoint, offering a wide range of sandy attractions. From rocky beaches with natural arches to beaches that cater to families thanks to onsite amenities like bathrooms and showers plus a beach that is one of the best surfing spots in California, you won't be without choices of where to plop down your beach towel while in Malibu. The beach fun doesn't stop at sunbathing, though. You can rent water equipment like surfboards, paddle boards and kayaks to explore Malibu from within the ocean. Malibu is also home to a gorgeous pier that is ideal for walking along to take in the ocean views and multi-million dollar cliff perched homes. 

Malibu Beach RV Park
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Malibu is known for its rugged landscape, numerous hiking trails and stunning beaches. One of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors of Malibu is to go camping. A top place to go camping at in Malibu is the Malibu Beach RV Park, which isn't...  Read More

Malibu Country Mart
Photo courtesy of Malibu Country Mart

Malibu Country Mart is a shopping experience in Malibu that has a high-end farm feel to it. The buildings that make up the shopping complex suggest a country rustic-ness while the shops inside permeate sophistication and high fashion. Stores...  Read More

Zuma Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the California coast – or any coast for that matter. Located on the north end of Malibu, Zuma Beach is mellow with soft sand, making it an ideal beach to lounge back and relax on. There are...  Read More

Adamson House Museum
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The Adamson House sits on one prime piece of Malibu real estate. Luckily for visitors, this lot and house isn't inhabited by a member of the rich and famous. Instead, the historic property of Adamson House is open to visitors from all over the...  Read More

Malibu Surf Shack
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Have some fun playing in the surf in Malibu and let Malibu Surf Shack elevate that fun. Open since 1972, Malibu Surf Shack provides an array of water sports and toys available to rent. Give paddle boarding or surfing a try and build those...  Read More

The name of this beach tells it all: it is a beach ideal for experienced surfers as it has one of the most famous surf breaks on the Pacific coast and attracts surfers from all over the world. Surfrider Beach is located next to the Malibu Pier...  Read More

Pepperdine University
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If you're a fan of famous and beautiful college campuses, you'll want to swing by Pepperdine University during your time in Malibu. The campus is situated on the side of a hill next to the Coast Highway and overlooks the ocean, providing...  Read More

Solstice Canyon
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Solstice Canyon is a trail in Malibu that takes you through the stunning Santa Monica mountains. You'll enjoy gorgeous vistas, including of the nearby ocean, and will come across a variety of plants and foliage. Solstice Canyon is also famous...  Read More

Malibu Pier
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The long Malibu Pier is an ideal place in Malibu to go for a relaxing walk. The pier is refreshingly uncluttered compared to most piers in California, with just a few restaurants and shops. As you walk down Malibu Pier you'll pass fishermen...  Read More

El Matador Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Malibu and stands out from the pack of pretty Southern California beaches thanks to its ruggedness. Steep cliffs jut up from the edge of the sand and its main differentiation point is the...  Read More


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