A Cornucopia of Cultures Combine To Offer Dizzying Arrays of Dishes at Buffets All Over Los Angeles

Sujata Day

By , Local Expert, Los Angeles
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Diversity of cultures is one of the many highlights when traveling to Los Angeles; impressively showcased in L.A.'s impressive selection of restaurants from around the world. Some of the best buffet restaurants offer a dizzying array of flavorful and fresh dishes, loaded with spices and teeming with tasty sauces. In the charming, beautifully adorned dining room at Maison Akira, patrons savor sophisticated French and Japanese fusion fare crafted by award-winning owner and chef Akira Hirose. Brazilian steakhouses abound! An endless parade of succulent Brazilian barbecue paired with a scrumptious all-you-can-eat buffet make Libra...  Read more »


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