Los Angeles Lunching: Locally-Famous Burger Joints, Award-Winning Sandwiches, and Food Network-Approved Restaurants

Sujata Day

By , Local Expert, Los Angeles
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No matter what you call them—power, take-out, fast food, business—Los Angeles takes great pride in lunchtime perfection. Many L.A. restaurants have been featured on Food Network and Cooking Channel television shows, like Brent’s Deli and Philippe the Original. In a hurry? No visit to Los Angeles is complete without a visit to the uber-popular In-N-Out, founded by the Snyder family in 1948. Order from the secret menu and the exceptionally friendly employees will treat you like a local. Eager to bite into the best pastrami sandwich in the universe? Stop by Langer’s Deli and order the #19, a world-famous and delectable concoction...  Read more »


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