Putting together an itinerary for seeing all the best sights this vacation? Perhaps you've got a few hours to kill between business meetings, and want to know the best stuff to see. Either way, our 10Best list should have you covered. While there are always great things to experience, there are typically things you wish you would have passed on as well. Napa Valley Wine Train Excursions located in the Napa area is among our top picks for sightseeing in Napa Valley.

Old Faithful Geyser of California

While not the Old Faithful that you've read about in "National Geographic," this California geyser manages to blow off steam almost as regularly as its more famous Yellowstone cousin. The water, which reaches a temperature of 350°, soars nearly...  Read More

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park
Photo courtesy of Brian Welsh

From the 1840s until the early 20th century, this grist mill was the center of social activity in Napa Valley, and settlers in the vicinity would gather to discuss pertinent events and oversee the grinding of wheat and corn. The mill's...  Read More

Santa Rosa

Explore the wilds of Africa right in the heart of California's Wine Country when you visit this open-air zoo, where more than 400 exotic species live and roam freely in natural habitats. Here, animals aren't locked behind bars, and visitors have...  Read More

Valley of the Moon

The stunning Valley of the Moon is located off Highway 12 one mile east of Santa Rosa. Flanked on the north by the Mayacamas Mountains and to the south by Sonoma Mountain, it features some of the Wine Country's most breathtaking scenery, as well...  Read More

Luther Burbank Home and Gardens

Luther Burbank, one of America's leading 19th-century horticulturists, lived in and worked on this parcel of land for many decades. On the property, he experimented with a few of the more than 800 varieties of plants that he developed over the...  Read More

First-time travelers to Napa Valley would be remiss if they didn't visit the CIA's California campus. A word to the wise, though: This isn't the "Mission Impossible" sort of CIA. Far from it, as folks attending the institute's cooking...  Read More

Napa Valley Wine Train Excursions

In a valley of culinary and oenological treats, the Wine Train may be one of the area's more unique experiences. Tour Napa aboard elegant Pullman lounge and dining cars (circa 1915-17), whose Honduran mahogany, polished brass, imported linens,...  Read More

Fort Ross State Historic Park

Situated on a bluff overlooking the Sonoma coast, Fort Ross State Park includes 90-some acres of meadows, tidal areas, and submerged land. The fort, established by the Russians in 1812, originally served as an outpost for sea otter hunters and...  Read More

Some three million years ago, nearby Mount St. Helena erupted and blew a blanket of volcanic ash over the area just north of modern-day Calistoga. Over time, the redwood trees were infiltrated by ash and silica, a process that led to their...  Read More