Ventura County Offers Variety of Options for Dancing the Night Away

Tori Bodin

By , Local Expert, Oxnard
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Ventura County has never been known to have a great number of dance clubs or late night venues, however in recent years downtown Ventura has made a significant effort in creating nightlife attractions that vary from lounges to wine bars. Some bars take advantage of ocean views and proximity while others sought just the right venue in order to create an atmosphere that facilitates dancing, drinking, and socializing. Brew pubs such as Barrelhouse 101 or Dargan's are the perfect locations to grab a beer with friends and catch a sporting event on television, while spots such as The Tavern, Bombay Bar & Grill, or The It's All Good...  Read more »

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    Bombay Bar & Grill

    Bombay Bar & Brill has been around for years, bringing in locals and those looking for a place to dance.

    Local Expert Tip: "Stay late for $1.00 tacos, they are a perfect snack after a night of dancing."

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    The Wine Rack

    While Ventura has several full bars and brew pubs, The Wine Rack is a specialty stop among the downtown scene.

    Local Expert Tip: "Check their schedule for live music, it pairs well with wine."

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    Watermark on Main

    The restaurant is upscale and the lounge can host anyone looking for live music, drink specials, and specialty appetizers.

    Local Expert Tip: "Check their schedule for live shows, Kenny Loggins and Colbie Caillat have been known to make appearances."

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    Social Tap

    Social Tap offers indoor and outdoor areas that are always packed with beach-goers and social butterflies.

    Local Expert Tip: "Their truffle fries or "stap man n' cheese" pair perfectly with craft beer."

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    Barrelhouse 101

    Barrelhouse 101 brings locals and visitors into its bar for the extensive range of beer options as well as a full bar.

    Local Expert Tip: "Check for special sampling events, where you can find a deal on rare brews."

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    The Tavern Ventura

    The Tavern is one of the most popular places to dance in Ventura. Their range in live music and bar areas is also impressive.

    Local Expert Tip: "Splurge on the Boathouse Gin, its a spicy spin on the classic drink."

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    Majestic Ventura Theatre

    The Majestic Ventura Theater brings in both old and new names, offering a small venue that allows for intimate shows and strong acoustics.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you are over 21, the bar area offers a view overlooking the floor space for a level location to enjoy the show."

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    Dargan's Irish Pub

    Dargan's has quick service and a central location to all downtown venues. The pub is the perfect place to grab a drink and watch the game.

    Local Expert Tip: "Dargan's stays true to its Irish roots and serves perfectly poured Black & Tan's."

  • 9

    Blu Orkid

    Blu Orkid offers a setting unlike many others in the area with its specialty decor and lounge atmosphere.

    Local Expert Tip: "Rumor has it there is a secret door somewhere in Blu Orkid, playing up its ambiance. "

  • 10

    It's All Good Bar

    The Good Bar is popular simply for its constant rotation of live music and bands. There is always a variety.

    Local Expert Tip: "The bathroom is shared so if you're looking to avoid lines, you may want to make a stop elsewhere first."



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