A Vegan "Pop-Up" by Chef Ayinde Howell

By ; published Wednesday, April 25th, 2012
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San Francisco, already on the cutting edge of food trucks that go above and beyond simple fare, will soon host NYC's latest foodie craze: "pop-up" restaurants. These are one time and one time only food events that feature some of the most innovative chefs around. Food enthusiasts can watch talented Chef Ayinde Howell occupy The Window at San Francisco's uber-popular Coffee Bar (1890 Bryant Street) on May 4 and 5.

Chef Ayinde
Photo Credit: Ayinde



On those two days he'll prepare a dazzling array of vegan dishes that would make a grizzly lose the taste for meat. The exclusive meal will be served on the evening of Sunday, May 6th. Ayinde doesn't sidestep how important he believes food is - he takes "we are what we eat" to a whole new level.

Chef Ayinde Howell (on right)
Photo Credit: Veganmainstream


This chef's deep, personal commitment to the growth, preparation and consumption of food inspires all of his dishes, including his Seitan Shwarma and his Crazy Jamaican sliders. Since these Wildflower events are as beautiful and short-lived as their namesake, everyone involved does their absolute best to enjoy the feast while it lasts.

Brussel Sprouts
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