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In a city as hip and youthful as San Francisco, nightlife often functions as a means for gathering and meeting friends, but it’s not the requisite scene that some cities render it. That said, the city offers plenty to entertain, from sexy lounges to hip nightclubs to that quintessential northern California establishment, the wine bar. The Mandarin Lounge caters to professionals, granting them a hotel haven for well-mixed drinks and private conversation. Also upscale, but in a more romantic vein, is the Empire Plush Room, which hosts vocalists, pianists and cabaret performers in tasteful environs. Timelessly chic Bix wraps de rigueur martinis, elegant food and classy entertainment in a single, glamorous package, while more contemporary style finds a home in Suite one8one, where beautiful patrons groove to soul, house and funk just beyond the velvet rope. For get-down-and-bump-it dance action, head to The EndUp, whose theme nights have attracted a faithful, energetic following for years. And for one-of-a-kind Bay City color, check out Beach Blanket Babylon, a musical review whose topical humor is always spot-on and whose elaborate hats defy natural law. Another particularly local institution, Asia SF, serves food, drink and dance, along with stunning female performers who are much more than they seem to be.

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