Slip Into Something More Comfortable: Best Spas in Santa Barbara



1. the universal cure for what ails you - and even what doesn't ail you

Whether you're happy or sad, energetic or tired, healthy or under the weather, a trip to the spa just sounds right. There's something about those fluffy robes, dimly lit rooms and softly lingering scents that can charm even the most sensible patron into eagerly signing up for expensive, indulgent treatments.

A day of pampering? Don't mind if I do! 

So if you're in Santa Barbara and you're looking to slip into something a little more comfortable - be it a massage or a sauna or something else entirely - this is the list for you. Here you'll find the 10 best spas in town and all the information you need to book an appointment or two.

Many of the best resorts have spas built right into them, so if you're staying at the Four Seasons Resort the Biltmore Santa Barbara or the Bacara Resort and Spa, you're all set. Even if you're not staying at either of these fine resorts, you are welcome to visit the spas at each. With your treatment you gain access to the pool area at both hotels, something certainly worth considering.

If you'd rather visit an independent spa, try Evolutions in downtown Santa Barbara. This award-winning medical and beauty spa has oodles of options from which to choose. And if, against all odds, nothing here suits you? Try any of the other 7 places on the list!


Santa Barbara

Located in uptown Santa Barbara, Qui Si Bella aims to rejuvenate body and soul with the healing power of Hot Stone, Ayurvedic or Thai massage. Beauty treatments, like hair removal and salon nail styling, are also available. Qui Si Bella also...  Read More

"Cielo" is the Spanish word for heaven and that's exactly where you'll think you've landed when you enter Cielo Spa Boutique, located just outside the main shopping area of downtown Santa Barbara. Designed to be a haven for working professionals...  Read More

Book a room at the El Encanto Hotel & Garden Villas to experience one of Santa Barbara's most legendary properties. Perfectly situated in a secluded, quiet part of town, the El Encanto is famous for its legendary views and luxury standards....  Read More

This Southern California resort and spa located in beautiful Ojai offers guests a place to get away from it all. Resort services include complimentary guest room Internet access, golf practice facilities such as a chipping and putting green and...  Read More

The spa at the Bacara Resort & Spa is a treat - pure indulgence for even the most jaded traveler. When you're ready to escape the hustle & bustle of city life, look no further than this sumptuous resort hidden in Goleta. Located on 78...  Read More

Le Reve is a the first green-certified health and beauty spa in Santa Barbara. Conveniently located downtown, Le Reve is the perfect place to go for a little pampering, whether you're looking to get away for the day or just an hour. It's a great...  Read More

If your hotel checklist looks something like this - beachfront, exclusive amenities, possible celebrity sightings, ridiculous levels of hospitality - then the Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara is where you want to stay. The spa is...  Read More

You'd never guess that tucked down this busy Santa Barbara side street is an award-winning spa with a peaceful private garden, complete with twinkling lights and a reflecting pool. Float specializes in massages, facials and body treatments...  Read More

Evolutions Medical & Day Spa is the place to go to cure what ails you - whether it's a medical skin condition or just a bad case of the rundown-and-worn-outs. Using a combination of technology and innovative practices, the technicians at...  Read More


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