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City Hall

Surmounted by a huge glass pyramid and flanked by a 200-foot bell tower, Edmonton's City Hall is a lovely, open building that welcomes visitors as much as it accommodates city government. The structure was erected on the site of the former city...  Read More

Edmonton's space and science center is a bonanza of delights for those who love the natural world. Exhibition galleries let you explore the mysteries of the body, the intricacies of crime-solving, the relationship between nature and weather, and...  Read More

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This outdoor park recreates various eras in Edmonton's history, down to period buildings and costumed guides. Visitors can tour a fort from the 19th-century fur-trading years and wander replicas of streets from 1885 (the frontier era), 1905 (the...  Read More

This historically significant bridge across the North Saskatchewan River was constructed in 1913, and was intended to carry foot, auto and rail traffic. Today, it's still completely functional, and vintage streetcars travel from downtown...  Read More

Notable for its dramatic, glass-and-steel profile, this conference center is one of Edmonton's most distinguishing landmarks. It hugs the hillside, stepping down towards the river valley in an innovative, striking design. The complex offers a...  Read More

John Walter Museum

Between 1874 and 1900, John Walter, an early Edmonton resident who began his career as a ferryman, built three homes. As he became more prosperous, his homes reflected his newly-acquired wealth. Located on their original site, these houses are a...  Read More

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Approximately 30 restored buildings have been relocated to this site, creating a village similar to the ones Alberta's Ukrainian settlers would have known. The complex details the heritage of those immigrants who arrived in western Canada...  Read More