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The magic of glass

By ; published Tuesday, August 14th, 2012
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Glass-Blown Vase
Photo Credit: Eric Skiff - flickr

Glass-making is a difficult feat by any means; it's the precision and dedication to the art of glass-blowing that makes the craft so unique. As you venture off into Rossi Glass, you'll be mesmerized by the magic of glass any which way you look. From a massive showroom to a large glass-making factory, this is where you'll learn just how intricate the task of glass-blowing really is. 

Explore the endless mind-boggling talents of the glassmakers at Niagara's Rossi Glass as you stroll through the magnificent rows of dragon goblets and uniquely designed blown-glass lamps. The Cranberry Mist Collection, a new addition to the endless magical collections at Rossi Glass, showcases how one talented artisan can create something so marvelous in mere seconds.

By rolling molten cranberry glass in white powdered glass, the artisan creates a unique formation of Cranberry Mist, a lovely addition to any glass-lovers' collection. As you browse the precisely crafted creations, you'll instantly recognize just how artistic these glass-makers are, and you will learn to appreciate the entire glass-making process. You may even take up glass-making yourself! Just be sure to learn from one of the glass-makers at Rossi Glass; they know a thing or two about the intricate steps involved in creating glass magic.


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