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Art punctuates a room, adding mood, color, tone, and even dissonance. To those who love art, owning an original is an ongoing source of joy. Our choices for the best art galleries in Québec City introduce you to a range of options in terms of price, subject matter, size, and media. As you visit the shops, you'll discover whether representational or abstract art appeals to you, and no matter your style, you're certain to find some item that resonates. Among our favorites are Galerie Perreault and Galerie Alain Lacaze.

10 Galerie Alain Lacaze
Situated in the middle of Lower Québec's fabled Antique District, this quaint little gallery is the type of place that is easy to pass by. If you do, though, you'll be missing out on a true gem. Monsieur Lacaze's studio-gallery showcases his own work, including gorgeous watercolors and pastels of the local countryside and Québec street scenes. (418-692-4381)

9 Galerie d'Art Royale
Since 1993, the Beauchamp family has had the distinction of being among Québec's most well respected purveyors of new artwork. Their exclusive Place Royale gallery contains well-lit display areas where you'll find acrylics by Algerian Abdullah Khaled and Italian Jose Salvagio, pastels by Josée Lord, and oils by Frenchman James Gaubert and Québecois Aline Brochu. A word of advice, Marc and Claudette Beauchamp did not open this gallery so casual tourists would have a place to buy postcards and run-of-the-mill prints of Old Québec; this gallery boasts world-class original art, most of it ranging from $1000 to $1500. Across the street is the sister gallery, Galerie d'art Bel Art (418-694-1144), also maintained by the Beauchamps. (418-692-2244, 877-694-2244)

8 Galerie d'art Bégin
Impressionist Guy Bégin operates galleries in both Montreal and Québec. This self-taught artist creates masterful landscapes and city-scenes in a variety of mediums, including oils and serigraphs. His artwork has garnered much international recognition, most notably "Big Apple Perfume," which served as the official publicity poster for New York's 1995 Art Expo. Mssr. Bégin, who began painting when he was 17, cites such legends as Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh as being among his greatest influences. (418-833-2967, 800-463-2967)

7 Galerie d'Art Indien 5 Nations
A visit to this unique gallery is a great way to jump-start your collection of Native American Art. While, from the outside, the place may just seem like another of the Petit Champlain's tourist-focused boutiques, this shop is made special by its exquisite hand-made products. Carvings, dream-catchers, jewelry, leather goods, fur hats, paintings, pottery: the unmistakable craftsmanship of the 5 Nations never fails to impress. There is another gallery in Old Québec at 20, rue Cul-de-Sac (418-692-1009). (418-692-1009)

6 Kulik Art Inuit
Located in the Château Frontenac's exclusive shopping promenade, the Kulik gallery celebrates Inuit art. Stroll through this well lit shop, and you'll find impressive displays of stencil and stone-cut artwork — all of it originating from people living in the Canadian Arctic. Among the more noteworthy works on display are original prints from Kenojuak Ashevak, Mary Pudlat and Parr. Most patrons, though, are attracted to intricate steatite, serpentine and basalt statues carved by Peter Sevoga, Fred Iyak and Kov Tapuangaie, which depict animals and people native to the Arctic regions. (418-692-6174)

5 Galerie Brousseau et Brousseau
This contemporary, well-lit gallery showcases the work of a variety of regional and international artists. Of course, it is the Eskimo and Inuit art that normally garners the most attention, with its vivid representations of Artic and sub-Artic animals and people. The sculptures, specifically, attract keen interest from collectors. Be warned, though, as prices here are not for the faint of heart. But, then, how many places can you find such exquisite pieces of craftsmanship, including those of ivory? (418-694-1828)

4 Galerie Linda Verge
Contemporary art is the main attraction at this gallery. Instead of finding well-known artists of the past, you will see the newest works of up-and-coming artists. Browse through the collection of paintings and works on paper, and be sure not to miss the sculptures. (418-525-8393)

3 Outdoor Gallery
As you stroll around Old Québec, you'll find that the city has much to offer in the way of artwork and crafts, most of it on sale in galleries and boutiques. However, when you find this neat little alley, running from Rue Ste-Anne to Rue Buade, you'll feel as though you've stepped back in time 100 years. During the warmer months, painters and craftspeople showcase and peddle their work in an environment that is charmingly unique. Most of the artwork depicts local street scenes. Even if you don't buy anything, you'll find yourself mysteriously drawn to the alley again and again.

2 Sculpteur Flamand
This gallery/studio is housed in a beautiful, white Georgian-style building right in the heart of the unforgettable Petit Champlain. The Quartier does not lack for its share of galleries and boutiques, but Flamand's stands out because he is city's only wood sculptor. Browse through the two level showroom, taking care to admire the three-dimensional open work designs hanging on the walls, exquisite statues of animals and Québecois at work and play, and even a few abstract carvings on display in the loft area. (418-692-2813)

1 Galerie Perreault
Boasting a unique collection of original old and new artwork, Rock-André Perreault's cozy little gallery offers excellent opportunities for you to find that special something to truly mark your trip to Québec. Among the works you'll find on display here are acrylics by Berge A. Missakian and Claude A. Simard, Masonites by Benoît Gaulin, and oils by Christian Bergeron and beloved Canadian painter Claude Picher. (418-692-4773)

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Galerie Alain Lacaze 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
Galerie d'Art Royale 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
Galerie d'art Bégin 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
Galerie d'Art Indien 5 Nations 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
Kulik Art Inuit 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries, Gift Stores
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
Galerie Brousseau et Brousseau 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
Galerie Linda Verge 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: MONTCALM
Outdoor Gallery 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
Sculpteur Flamand 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
Galerie Perreault 10Best List Arrow
Type: Art Galleries
Neighborhood: VIEUX QUEBEC
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