Avoid Travel Stress at Health-Conscious Cosmopolitan Hotel in Toronto

This small, luxurious boutique hotel has your wellness in mind

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As a city, Toronto is into trends. From cupcakes to doughnuts, food trucks to Crossfit classes - if the Internet is buzzing about it, then Toronto wants to get on board.Cosmopolitan Hotel is very aware of Toronto's reputation as the cool kid and has jumped onto the wellness bandwagon.

When you check in to this centrally located downtown hotel, you are greeted with relaxation in mind. Once you're ensconced in the room, calming fountains and verdant bamboo shoots offer natural symbols of peace. If you want to retreat further into a cocoon of relaxation, meditation CDs and yoga mats are on offer. While you are in the room, place your "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, which is politely reinterpreted as "Rejuvenation in Progress."

Cosmopolitan Hotel living room — Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan Hotel

Cosmopolitan Hotel just squeaks under the high end of rooms in a boutique hotel, with 55 suites. The rooms are modern, clean and simple, the interior decorating equivalent to a breath of fresh air. Whether you're wrapping yourself in a plush robe in a standard suite or trying to prevent your jaw from dropping in the penthouse, all rooms are luxuriously comfortable.

Cosmopolitan's penthouse bedroom — Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan Hotel

If the high-paced nature of the external Financial District is still under your skin, Cosmopolitan Hotel has ways to help you get your Zen on. The concierge will provide recommendations of hotels or highly recommended yoga studios, allowing you to quickly feel like a local. 

Cosmopolitan Hotel's entrance — Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan Hotel

“The Cosmopolitan Hotel is a real hidden gem in Toronto,” says Ragnar Pedersen, general manager. “Our location, right in the heart of downtown, is just steps from the shops, theatre, entertainment district, great dining and everything Toronto has to offer. We focus on providing personal service and a calming respite from the city, so guests can enjoy the best of both worlds.”

A room's kitchen in Cosmopolitan Hotel — Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan Hotel

The crisp, white decor extends into the beautiful Shinzen spa (Shinzen is the Japanese word for "nature."). It is an ideal respite from hustle and bustle, and spa packages range from manicures to massages. There is also a 12-person hot tub, if you have 12 people in your life you would like to watch magically get younger.

Shinzen spa pedicure — Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan Hotel

It is easy to become homesick after much time on the road. You may long for your well-stocked kitchen, or the couch that knows the contours of your body too well. Cosmopolitan Hotel will reduce the missing, bringing you right into the present moment. And what a sweet present moment it is.

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