It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Really) At Toronto's Holiday Attractions

The festive season. The holiday season. The winter holidays. Whatever language you use, the period of time between late November and early January is a peak season for joy. Whether you celebrate a particular tradition or you just get sentimental when you see people ice skating to classical music in Nathan Phillips Square doesn't matter. This is a time of year when we can all stop being cynical. As Linus Van Pelt of Charlie Brown taught us years ago, we don't need to be led by the commercial side of the holidays.

An evergreen is eagerly anticipated in Nathan Phillips Square every year. Once it is hoisted, the festivities unofficially begin. As we have well seen, it is not just December, but November that becomes drenched in holiday spirit, hoping to spark the holiday warm-and-fuzzies. Other people want the Starbucks red cups and Holt Renfrew Christmas windows to start at a later time, say, closer to the actual holidays that they are marking.

Whenever you are ready for it, the attractions that are designed to get your nostalgia pumping are ready and waiting. Whether you go to the Distillery's beloved Christmas Market in all its cobblestone glory or find the ugliest Christmas sweater at the Seasons Christmas Show, the festive season in Toronto is something special. 

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DJ Skate Night
Photo courtesy of Brian Medina

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Toronto Christmas Market
Photo courtesy of Toronto Christmas Market

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