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Best Toronto, ON Shopping

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    Likely General

    Likely General is a design shop in Toronto like no other. Its diverse products involve knitted hats, limited print books and hand crafted room spray. Owner...

    Photo courtesy of Andrew Williamson
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    Titika Active Wear

    Even more so than the yoga movement is the yoga pants movement. Whether or not people have an interest in doing a downward facing dog, they certainly have...

    Photo courtesy of Titika Facebook page
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    We know that when it comes to shopping lists, men often get the short end of the stick. Therefore, we are pleased to welcome you to one of Toronto's leading...

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    Gravity Pope

    There are two types of people in this world: those who lose their breath when they see the object of their desire in shoe form, and those who choose...

    Photo courtesy of Gravity Pope Facebook page
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    Logan & Finley

    Logan & Finley is the store you go to when the pulse of the city becomes a little too loud. It is also the place you go when you start to crave a canoe...

    Photo courtesy of Phillipa C Photography
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    Mountain Equipment Co-op

    If there is any sport or activity that you have an affinity for, Mountain Equipment Co-op (or MEC) is the place to go. Whether you are trying on a...

    Photo courtesy of Mountain Equipment Co-op Facebook page
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    Hudson's Bay

    Even though department stores are going out of style about as quickly as the last version of the IPhone, we would be remiss to not include Hudson's Bay in a...

    Photo courtesy of Hudson's Bay Facebook page
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