Grand Cayman Travel Guide

Get Your Bearings in Grand Cayman

Where to Stay

Most of the accommodations on the Cayman Islands are located along Seven Mile Beach. High-end luxury hotels and resorts here are among the best (and most expensive) in the world, offering private patios, ocean views and access to water sports. A few budget guesthouses are available, but with limited accommodations.

Hot Tips: Room rates are much less expensive during the off-season (between mid-April and mid-December).


What to Eat

Restaurants on the Cayman Islands feature a mix of international and local cuisine. Local cuisine includes dishes incorporating conch, sea turtle and various fish like red snapper, mahi-mahi, tuna, grouper and swordfish. Jerked curries are often served with chicken or pork, with sides of rice and beans cooked in milk.

Caution: International ingredients must be imported to the islands, making them extremely expensive.


Things to See

The biggest attraction on the islands is Seven Mile Beach. But a stroll through George Town will allow visitors to glimpse a bit of the island's history. The Cayman Islands National Museum contains displays of natural and cultural history, while the War Memorial, Seamen's Memorial and Fort George give insight into maritime and war time history of the area.

Hot Tips: The Caymans offer several opportunities to swim and play with marine life like turtles and dolphins.


Places to Party

The Grand Cayman offers several nightlife choices. Bars and pubs are a good place to watch sports, and many have outdoor seating. Sapphire Lounge is one of the few lounge bars on the island, offering a large selection of cocktails and unique martinis. Several bars and clubs feature live entertainment on the weekends.

Hot Tips: Peruse a copy of the Caymanian Compass to see a list of weekend activities.


Where to Shop

Several stores on the island sell hand-crafted jewelry fashioned from Caymanite or black coral. Many shops will also sell luxury imported items like perfume, crystal, watches, liquor and cameras. Perhaps the most sought-after item are the island's homemade rum cakes, as well as locally-produced jams and sauces.

Caution: Be aware that the black coral, which much of the jewelry is made from, is considered an endangered species.


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About Grand Cayman

A self-governed colony under the auspices of Great Britain, the Cayman has established itself as a world-class resort area and one of the West Indies' most popular cruise ship destinations. Seven Mile Beach, located just north of George Town, is Grand Cayman's premier playground, featuring crystal clear waters and eerily white beaches. At night, Seven Mile showcases its flair for the fantastic with handfuls of fine dining restaurants, waterside bars, and NYC-caliber discos flanking the beach's fashionable main drag, West Bay Road. Shoppers, too, will find plenty to do, see, and buy in the Cayman Islands, with areas like Cardinal Avenue, Elizabethan Square, West Shore, and Queen's Court carrying everything from imported leather goods and hand-cut jewelry to brand-name apparel and West Indian rums. Thrill-seekers should not pass on the opportunity to snorkel while visiting the island, since the ever-popular Stingray City in the North Sound, the shipwrecked "Ten Sails" at East End, the coral reef off Colliers Point, and the azure waters off nearby Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer diving experiences you'll not soon forget. Nature-lovers, meanwhile, can explore this tropical paradise by making their way up Frank Sound...  Read more »