Denver's Best Dining Hot Spots: There's a Table Waiting for You

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No longer is Denver simply a western town. While the city is justifiably proud of its western heritage--and that can be seen in the eateries that focus on steaks and game--it's also a modern urban metropolis where locals, visitors, artists, professionals, sports enthusiasts, millennials, boomers and, yes, chefs, have come from across the country and the globe to be in the Mile High City, whether permanently or just for a short while. The restaurant scene reflects that diverse population with its far-flung origins and influences, and the truth is you can find any kind of food you want here now. There are a slew of great...  Read more »

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    It is consistently rated one of the top restaurants in Denver. And it is.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you drive, take advantage of the valet parking rather than trying to park around Larimer Square on your own. And whatever else you do, save room for the beignets stuffed with sweet goat cheese and black mission fig, served with a ruby port reduction. "

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    Mizuna is a cozy, intimate retreat with phenomenal food and stellar service

    Local Expert Tip: "Even if you are not a fan of macaroni & cheese, do yourself a favor and try Mizuna's, made with poached Maine lobster and mascarpone. "

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    It's one of the most nationally recognized Colorado restaurants, and just 30 minutes from downtown Denver.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you didn't book far in advance, you can sometimes snag a seat by showing up a few minutes before opening and being one of the first in the door."

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    Sushi Den

    It is consistently rated one of the region's top sushi restaurants, with good reason.

    Local Expert Tip: "South Pearl is located between Washington Park and Denver University, and really only about 15 minutes from downtown Denver. Drive on over--there's complimentary valet service."

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    Session Kitchen

    Session Kitchen is a rising star on South Pearl--you heard it here.

    Local Expert Tip: "Session Kitchen is all about sharing and lingering over food, drinks and conversation, so bring your friends and family along"

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    Chef Tom Coohill trained under master chefs at the three-star Michelin restaurant L'Oustau de Baumaniere in France.

    Local Expert Tip: "If you don't get around to making reservations, go early and sit down at the community table to make new friends while enjoying the flavors of France a la Denver"

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    This modern Scandinavian-American restaurant is a fresh and delicious addition to the Denver culinary scene.

    Local Expert Tip: "Trillium is housed in a former pawnshop--no leftover items, alas, but plenty of exposed brick and high ceilings create a welcoming and open aesthetic."

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    Work & Class

    A square meal, a stiff drink and a fair price is the theme, and who can argue with that?

    Local Expert Tip: "No reservations are taken. If you're a tequila lover, consider showing up for "small batch tequila Tuesdays.""

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    Old Major

    Old Major takes pride in all it does in-house and its connection to Colorado purveyors.

    Local Expert Tip: "Happy hour starts at 3 p.m. Ditch work early and go (but not every day) so you can be sure to get a seat."

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    Cuba Cuba

    • Cuisine: Cuban, Latin
    • Average Main Course Price: $19
    • Neighborhood: Golden Triangle

    It's a beloved neighborhood restaurant with broad appeal to everyone else, too

    Local Expert Tip: "Consider the ginger mojitos--by the pitcher."



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