Best Greenwich, CT Attractions

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    10. Byram Shore and Rosenwald Park

    A day at Byram Beach can be compared to a day in a luxurious resort. The beach is small and intimate and affords excellent views over Byram Harbor. Additional amenities provided that make this a local favorite are...

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    9. Putnam Cottage

    During the Revolutionary War, this 18th-century colonial home was known as Knapp's Tavern and served as headquarters for General Israel Putnam (General Washington's second-in-command). Today, the house has become...

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    8. Island Beach

    This park is located on four acres of land and provides a number of activities for children and adults alike to enjoy. Picnic areas and concession stands allow visitors to spend an entire day on the island without...

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    7. Great Captain Island Lighthouse

    Marking the entrance to the East River from Long Island Sound, the Captain Island Lighthouse rests on 17 acres of land that lies just to the south of Greenwich. The original historical lighthouse and keeper's cottage...

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    6. Bush — Holley Historic Site

    This saltbox-style home, which was built in the 1730's, served as a boarding house to many renowned artists and writers who formed the first impressionist art colony in the U.S. Such talented artists as J. Alden...

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    5. Audubon Society of Greenwich

    Strap on your walking shoes and plan to become one with nature in this vast park. Over 15 miles of trails will help you navigate your way through the 285-acre park. A wide variety of wildlife species call this place...

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    4. Greenwich Point

    Situated on a 147-acre peninsula, Greenwich Point (also called Tod's Point) is one of the largest beaches in the area. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the quiet surroundings in this Old Greenwich neighborhood. It is...

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    3. Bruce Museum of Arts and Science

    Housed in a Victorian mansion, this popular museum provides a number of informational exhibits and seminars. Children and adults alike will enjoy the educational films, local events, and lectures. The various...

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    2. Babcock Preserve

    The trails that wind through this popular park are seemingly endless. Nearly 300 acres of land provide numerous opportunities for Greenwich locals and visitors to participate in recreational activities. A visit to...

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    1. Belle Haven

    Best known for its status as a highly upscale residential neighborhood, the Belle Haven peninsula is one of Greenwich's most visited areas. This neighborhood is located on the Long Island Sound and affords excellent...

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Local Expert Attraction Recommendations

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