Going out to eat isn't always about cravings. Often enough, mealtimes dictate our choices, limiting restaurant possibilities. When circumstances narrow the options, let 10Best help. We'll direct you to the best Lunch restaurants in New Haven and save you the hassle of calling around for business hours. 10Best readers find much to enjoy at Modern Apizza thanks to its all-around good offerings. It's also hard to beat Frank Pepe's Pizzeria, which serves just what you're looking for when you're in the market for a great Lunch.

10 Louis' Lunch
This venerable restaurant claims that this is the place where the hamburger was invented! They have been grilling burgers since 1900, and over the years, they have perfected their technique: fresh, lean, high-quality beef grilled on unique vertical grills and nestled between two slices of thick toast. There is usually a line, but if you want the classic burger, there is no substitute. NB You won't find ketchup or mustard (you don't need either) at Louis' Lunch ... and asking for it is akin to high treason. (203-562-5507)

9 Lulu — A European Coffeehouse
This is a much-loved meeting place for a cross-section of New Haven society. Every day, the loyal cast of characters, from students and families to local artists, doctors and lawyers, show up for amazing breads, delicious pastries, bracing house coffee (known for being strong), and conversation. Lulu's is always full of buzzing conversation, local art and tempting aromas. (203-785-9218)

8 Lucibello's Italian Pastry
Established in 1929, this Italian specialty store features an eye-popping and array of towering cakes, refreshing Italian ices, and delicate pastries and cookies. Lucibello's knows how to create stunning desserts and baked goods, including biscotti, rum cake, éclairs, and addictive cannolis. Let owner Peter Faggio show you the tempting selection, and you will not leave empty-handed. (203-562-4083)

7 Koffee on Audubon
Consider the name of this place as an invitation, and respond with an enthusiastic "yes, please." Inside this cozy, artsy spot, you can settle into a comfortable couch, plug in your laptop, or flip through a paper or magazine while enjoying great coffee, fresh muffins, or an Italian soda. There is plenty to keep you occupied, including poetry slams and rotating displays of original art. (203-562-5454)

6 The Pantry
Locals rave about this friendly little breakfast place, which has amazing strawberry Belgian waffles, tall stacks of fluffy pancakes, and some of the best home fries you'll ever eat. Scrambled eggs, cheese French toast, hot coffee, and plenty of other freshly made breakfast options are available. (203-787-0392)

5 Indochine Pavilion
For a peaceful meal of exotic Vietnamese, Thai, or Laotian cuisine, Indochine Pavilion is a favorite. People who like their food with a spicy kick will love the specialties, which include pungent lime chicken, excellent seafood, and delicate, crisp egg rolls. Just down the street from the Yale Repertory Theater, this is a great restaurant to visit before a show. Asian pop videos show on a small screen while you dine. (203-865-5033)

4 Mamoun's
For a fresh Middle Eastern lunch, Mamoun's is a satisfying choice. Lamb or chicken kebabs, delectable hummus, and stuffed grape leaves are popular classics, but the lunch favorite is the falafel, which is served in hearty portions. The interior is relaxing, with dim lighting and quiet Middle Eastern music playing. Settle in and enjoy a cup of spicy tea after your meal. They are also open late to satisfy nocturnal cravings. (203-562-8444)

3 Koffee Too?
Quirky downtown coffee house draws a loyal student following thanks to tasty panini, salads, quesedillas, wraps, soups and reasonably-priced coffee; free WiFi. (203-787-9929)

2 Claire's Corner Copia
This popular vegetarian spot has an enviable location across from The Green. Bright and airy inside, with cheerful counter service, this restaurant has been around for 25 years. Lunchtime specialties include veggie burgers, tortilla soup, sweet corn with goat cheese and tomatoes, and eggplant Vera Cruz. They are also known for desserts like Lithuanian coffee cake and moist carrot cake. All of the dishes are so popular that the owner wrote a well-received cookbook. (203-562-3888)

1 Wall Street Pizza
Wall Street Pizza, located next to the School of Music, is full of non-Yale locals ("townies") as well as students and professors. More than just a pizza place, this is also a casual Italian restaurant that serves a variety of other entrées. The quaint dining room, intimate booths, and romantic lighting make this a great place for a date or a quiet meal with friends. Try the special of the day or order the veal and spaghetti with salad, a meatball sub, or a thick meatloaf sandwich. (203-776-9021)

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Maps and Directions

Louis' Lunch 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Burger
Dining Options: Bar / Lounge, Bar Dining, Disabled Accessible, Family Friendly, Take Out
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Lulu — A European Coffeehouse 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Coffee Shop
Neighborhood: STATE STREET
Lucibello's Italian Pastry 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Bakery, European, Italian
Neighborhood: STATE STREET
Koffee on Audubon 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Coffee Shop
Dining Options: Disabled Accessible, Family Friendly, Non-Smoking, Take Out
Neighborhood: ARTS DISTRICT
The Pantry 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American
Dining Options: Disabled Accessible, Family Friendly, Non-Smoking, Parties / Private Rooms, Take Out
Neighborhood: STATE STREET
Indochine Pavilion 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Thai, Vietnamese
Dining Options: Disabled Accessible, Group Friendly
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Mamoun's 10Best List Arrow
Dining Options: Disabled Accessible, Non-Smoking, Take Out
Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Vegetarian
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Koffee Too? 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, Coffee Shop
Dining Options: Family Friendly, Non-Smoking, Take Out
Neighborhood: BROADWAY
Claire's Corner Copia 10Best List Arrow
Dining Options: Catering, Disabled Accessible, Family Friendly, Group Friendly, Kosher, Non-Smoking
Cuisine: Vegetarian
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN
Wall Street Pizza 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: American, European, Italian, Pizza
Dining Options: Group Friendly
Neighborhood: DOWNTOWN