Late at night and early into the morning, D.C.'s Dance Clubs Pulse with the beat of every style of music

Chris Wadsworth

By , Local Expert, Washington
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Sometimes you just gotta get your dance on. And there's no better place than the many pulse-pounding dance clubs of Washington D.C. Turn yourself on to the music of famous D.J's or sway to the rhythms of local bands and national acts that swarm to perform in D.C. 10Best has explored the nightclub landscape to find out where those tuned into the pure release of dance choose to go. Places like Fur, Platinum, Apex and Ultrabar attract scores of the beautiful people who come to dance the night away. Get in on the lounge scene at Lux, Josephine and the 18th Street Lounge - where you can chill with bottle service or hit the always...  Read more »

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    Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar

    Local Expert Tip: "Watch out for the booze filled slushies the bartenders serve. They go down easy, but pack a mean punch the next morning."

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    Fur Nightclub

    Local Expert Tip: "Cover charge can be steep some night, but regulars say it's a trade-off seeing how the dress code is a bit more casual than other D.C. dance clubs."

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    Local Expert Tip: "Word on the street is that the drinks get stronger the higher you go up in Love's four levels."

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    Local Expert Tip: "Not that you and your money won't be welcome, but keep in mind this is an 18+ club and if you're north of 30, you will notice it. But you'll have fun too."

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    IBIZA Night Club DC

    Local Expert Tip: "If you set your drink down to go hit the dance floor, make a good mental note. Otherwise, you will likely get so turned around in this ginormous space that you will never find that drink again."

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    18th Street Lounge

    Local Expert Tip: "While you might not think of heading to a dance club before midnight, try the 18th Street Lounge earlier in the evening for its much-loved happy hour."

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    Town Danceboutique

    Local Expert Tip: "Brace yourself for the volume in Town Danceboutique. You may need to take breaks from the dance floor just to clear your head and stop the ringing in your ears."

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    Habana Village

    Local Expert Tip: "If you're a bit nervous about your dance skills, fear not. Habana Village offers salsa lessons on many nights."

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    Local Expert Tip: "After a recent makeover, Josephine has a new vitality that has propelled back into the top tier of D.C. nightclubs. "

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    Nightclub 9:30

    Local Expert Tip: "Check the club's online schedule to see who's on stage on any given night. Past performers have included big names like REM, Moby, Fiona Apple and Garbage."


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