Best Santo Domingo Nightlife

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    9. Club LED

    Club LED draws a young, well-dressed crowd who come to enjoy drinks and dancing. Modern light and sound systems enhance the disco experience beyond what other area clubs offer, but leave the ballcaps, t-shirts, and...

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    8. Aire

    Aire is one of the Caribbean's most happening dance clubs, boasting theme nights and thumping dance music from the '70s till today. It's a great place to mingle with large, diverse crowds who know how to have a good...

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    7. Jubilee

    You'll probably want to reserve a visit to Jubilee for a special night out, especially since drinks can be expensive and crowds a bit more formal. Whenever you decide to attend, you'll find that this hotel disco...

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    6. Bella Bleus

    Some of Major League Baseball's finest players were born in the Dominican Republic, including Sammy Sosa (over 500 career home runs and counting) and José Rio (over career 1,600 strikeouts). The latter owns this...

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    5. Bachata Rosa

    Juan Luís Guerra, a high-profile merengue musician, is part owner of this club, named after one of his popular songs. The three-floor venue offers patrons a dance club, a live-music club, and a Caribbean restaurant,...

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    4. Jet Set

    Jet Set sings of elegance, boasting the finest orchestras and the most sophisticated ambience of any nightspot in the city. Amphitheater-style architecture may remind you of tiered dance halls depicted in old...

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    3. Club Murcielago

    Set in an underground cavern, Club Murcielago (the former La Guácara Taína) is the most famous and unique club in the city. The place fills with locals and travelers each night and regales patrons with sime of the...

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    2. Monté Cristo

    Folks on the lookout for hot nightspots will definitely place Monté Cristo high on their list. The English-style pub gets going late in the evening with drinks and superb dishes and doesn't put on the brakes until...

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    1. Coco's

    Accommodating local hankerings for fish-and-chips and a pint or two, Coco's welcomes city limeys and would-be's. The tastefully decorated pub and restaurant is located in a restored Colonial house and offers rich,...

Local Expert Nightlife Recommendations

Local Expert Nightlife Recommendations

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