Best Dance Clubs in Fort Lauderdale: City Spots for Late-Night Fun

Dale Mack

By , Local Expert, Fort Lauderdale
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Few pursuits tap into the pleasures of nightlife more than dancing. Giving yourself over to the rhythms, the lights, and the energy is a total release. When you want that feeling, we'll introduce you to the best dance clubs in Fort Lauderdale, and there many. Top DJs get things moving, and other patrons ensure that there's plenty to see along the way. To follow the crowds, head to Cafe del Mar and see what lies in store; for a more subdued experience, give YOLO (You Only Live Once) a try. Downtown Fort Lauderdale is home to many sizzling clubs such as America's Backyard and the Art Bar so plan a weekend to perhaps try both....  Read more »

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    Famous throughout South Florida for its electric atmosphere and sophisticated clientele.

    Local Expert Tip: "This place can get very busy so plan to stay awhile. "

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    Art Bar

    This is the THE dance club in Fort Lauderdale for those who love the Top 40 hits and being with others who do also.

    Local Expert Tip: "This is a great place to bring out-of-town guests. "

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    Americas Backyard

    A very popular spot in Downtown Fort Lauderdale where the locals welcome the city's many visitors.

    Local Expert Tip: "Call ahead and get on the guest list for complimentary cover and one free drink upon arrival. "

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    YOLO (You Only Live Once)

    Well-known throughout South Florida for its sophisticated style and great Downtown location.

    Local Expert Tip: "Convenient for after-hours meeting from surrounding businesses."

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    The Manor

    A very classy venue since it opened a few years ago.

    Local Expert Tip: "Parking is limited close-by so take advantage of the parking lot next to the Wilton Manor's police station west on Wilton Drive. "

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    Exit 66 Ft. Lauderdale

    Ideal location right on the beach and within walking distance from the city's best hotels.

    Local Expert Tip: "Feel right at home by going online and reserving a cabana for their Weekend Pool Party. "

  • 7

    Cafe del Mar

    A unique place with sounds of jazz, flamenco guitar, pop and jazz in a dazzling setting.

    Local Expert Tip: "For the sophisticated crowd that expects the place to be abuzz with energy and atmosphere."

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    Boom exudes the very essence of what people expect at a great dance club.

    Local Expert Tip: "Remember that parking in the parking lot outside means you will only stay in this plaza. Towing is strictly enforced. "

  • 9

    Blue Martini

    A local favorite in its sophisticated setting at Fort Lauderdale's Galleria.

    Local Expert Tip: "Make a day of it by shopping at the Galleria then a stroll here for a drink with friends."

  • 10

    Sidelines Sports Bar

    Just a wonderfully fun place with a dedicated clientele and fun for sports enthusiasts.

    Local Expert Tip: "Great place to meet other sports enthusiasts"



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