Artful, Fresh and Delicious: Sushi in Fort Myers

A majority of restaurants in the Fort Myers area offering Thai, Korean and/or Japanese cuisine also offer sushi. You'll even find Asian/Peruvian food with the sushi at Komoon.

Many of these spots, like Origami and Mr. Mee are family run and have been favorites for decades. Mr. Mee isn't known for it's trendy decor, just good, affordable food with much more than sushi than on the menu.

Then there is the elegance of sushi bars found in Japanese steakhouses like DaRuMa and Tokyo Bay. Both spots have live piano music, cozy bars and lots of space, yet still manage to feel intimate for a date night. 

Sushi is considered to be chic by many and Blu Sushi certainly fits the bill; a place to see and be seen. Not only does Blu offer a creative menu of food, but also cocktails. The bar tends to become quite the hot spot at night with live DJ's. 

Not everyone in your dining party might appreciate sushi, so it’s nice to know that all of these 10Best also offer cooked options from numerous Asian inspired cuisines. This provides a perfect platform to get those who've been afraid to try or have never had the opportunity to try sushi, to finally take the plunge. 

Sushi-Thai Too
Patrons' love the quality and variety of the Thai and Japanese cuisine served here. Popular in Naples, with three locations, Sushi Thai finally opened a restaurant closer to Fort Myers so fans didn't have to drive as far. You can get brown rice and lots of vegetarian options here but diners especially love the sushi. Sushi Thai Too has enough sushi and sashimi combos on their menu to satisfy almost any party, large or small. For something different, try the Kimchee Roll with conch, spinach, asparagus, scallions, cucumbers and a spicy sauce. No matter how much you eat or what menu you order from, don't skip dessert. The Ice Cream Tempura is just the right way to end a meal. (239-992-5600)

Kumo Japanese Steakhouse
Kumo is almost always busy so it never hurts to make a reservation. The sushi here is expertly prepared and served, with popular specials like the Capa Coral Maki. Great for carb counters, this roll has salmon, tuna, cream cheese and avocado, wrapped in cucumber. If you're hungry, try the Titanic: spicy tuna and avocado topped with salmon, yellowtail, crunch, and tobiko. Besides sushi, try the many noodle dishes and hibachi, all of which are served for lunch too. Many Japanese Steakhouses in the area are not open for lunch and of those that are, most do not offer hibachi so early in the day. (239-573-9866)

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
For more than 20 years, Sakura has been the place to go in Cape Coral for great sushi and entertaining hibachi. If you join the VIP club, you'll recieve free food on your birthday and get a free Fat Girl sushi roll just for signing up. The restaurant's signature roll is made with krab, shrimp, cream cheese, eel sauce and spicy mayo, fried tempura-style. To be equal, there's also a Fat Boy roll. Also fried, this one has krab, eel, cream cheese, eel sauce and spicy mayo. Both of these big rolls cost under $10. You'll find the menu affordable, as far as sushi is concerned, with lots of options. Saki lovers will be pleased at the hot and cold selections as well. Take advantage of the endless sushi deals on Sunday and for lunch on Fridays. (239-945-2999)

Rock'n Sushi Asian Bistro
Situated in a business park that bumps up to a golf course, this seems an unlikely spot for a restaurant of any kind. But Rock'n Sushi is just that....rock'n. Not in the rock-n-roll sense, but the sushi sense. Try the Lobster Roll, full of delicious chunks of meat or the Daniels Preserve, baked with spicy crab, salmon and eel. Besides sushi you will find popular Thai dishes, Pho and delicious desserts. You can also choose from a good selection of sake and sake based cocktails that accompany the dishes perfectly. It might take a little effort to find this sushi restaurant but you'll happy you did. (239-561-6566)

Mr. Mee's
Authentic, fresh and affordable, the stellar sushi served at Mr. Mee's is some of the best you'll find in the area. The menu is versatile and extensive, encompassing Thai and Korean inspired dishes in addition to traditional Japanese fare, which includes lots of sushi. Sit at the bar and let the chef's create a roll just for you The atmosphere is unpretentious and although the interior could be called a bit dated, it is clean and intimate. The no-frills service is efficient and courteous, which will come in handy, as you may need help navigating all that the menu has to offer. Mr. Mee's also offers tatami seating, great for large parties or simply getting cozy with your date. (239-277-5616)

Komoon Thai Sushi & Ceviche
At first it may seem like an odd combo of cuisines, Thai, Peruvian, Japanese and Sushi, but boy does Komoon make it work. The menu here is extensive and the sushi rolls are mind-boggling with the Slammin' Salmon, Black Dragon and Dancing Eel. Besides the sushi, try the baked green mussels topped with crab, shrimp, masago and a tasty mayo sauce. And certainly try a ceviche dish. It comes with sweet potato and an addicting Peruvian corn. The bar also shakes up some delicious sake cocktails. The place gets rockin' on Thursday nights with a live band that lures patrons to dance. You'll love the variety here. (239-948-4663)

Blu Sushi
Blu Sushi set a new standard for chic when it first opened in an obscure shopping plaza in Fort Myers, and it still delivers. This sleek sushi bar flaunts an alluring modern design complete with walls meant to emulate the deep blue of the sea. Complementing the visually stunning interior are the beautiful people you find here; Blu enjoys quite a crowd. The happy hour is generous and so are the lunch specials. The skilled sushi artists take pride in their evocative creations, which include eel, crab and salmon rolls that are as beautiful to behold as to consume. They are also known for artful cocktails and sakitini's. On weekends, the energy gets a tweak thank to a live DJ, holding court in the cozy bar area. (239-489-1500)

Sushi lovers consistently laud Origami for setting the bar high when it comes to service, authenticity, creativity and taste. Catering to connoisseurs since 1994, it is also regarded as the number one site for converting locals to sushi fandom. The Japanese chef serves up signature house rolls like the Yami Yami, the Scooby Doo and the Green Spider, along with the freshest sashimi and nigiri. Origami is also known for Korean cuisine as well as traditional Japanese noodle dishes. Try the Korean BBQ for dinner or a satisfying Bento Box for lunch. The new location features a large, ornate bar and a spacious yet welcoming dining room. (239-482-2126)

At DaRuMa, diners indulge in spectacular sushi rolls, as well as other Japanese delights, that are as fascinating and fun as they are delicious. Though the main emphasis might seem to be the classic hibachi dishes, unlike some other hibachi restaurants, DaRuMa excels in the sushi department. Settle in at one of the hibachi tables for simultaneous entertainment and eating, or dine in the sushi lounge, there are lots of seats. The talented sushi chefs do wonderful things with lobster and the crab here is real. You'll find rolls with fire for an impressive presentation or you can stick to the traditional, handmade maki and fresh sashimi. Try the escargot with smelt roe for a an appetizer with zing. (239-344-0037)

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Neighborhood: Bonita Springs
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Neighborhood: Cape Coral
Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Steakhouse, Sushi
Neighborhood: Cape Coral
Rock'n Sushi Asian Bistro 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Sushi, Thai
Mr. Mee's 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Korean, Sushi, Thai
Komoon Thai Sushi & Ceviche 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Sushi, Thai
Neighborhood: Bonita Springs
Blu Sushi 10Best List Arrow
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Neighborhood: South Fort Myers
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Origami 10Best List Arrow
Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Sushi
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Cuisine: Asian, Japanese, Sushi
Neighborhood: Downtown
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