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Holocaust Memorial

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"This experience is both chilling and uplifting. The memorial frequently hosts Holocaust survivors, who deliver speeches and personal experiences to visitors. Check the Holocaust Memorial website for the dates of special events such as these."

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Start a New Tradition: Cinco de Mayo

Start a New Tradition: Cinco de Mayo
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April 4th, 2014

First Time in Miami? South Beach Is All That and More

First Time in Miami? South Beach Is All That and More
by Jen Karetnick
July 25th, 2013

Wet — But Not Too Wild — in Miami

Wet — But Not Too Wild — in Miami
by Jen Karetnick
July 3rd, 2013




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Miami Is Known for...

Five of Miami's most unique features and characteristics.


It snowed in Miami once...well, actually, it flurried briefly in 1977. Since that time, Miami's climate has hovered gracefully around 80 to 90 degrees in the summer, dipping to a perfectly cool 65 degrees in most winter months. The sea breeze coming in from the Atlantic cuts the temperature perfectly, reducing humidity. The glowing sun blanketed in cloudless skies makes nearly every day in Miami a beach day - which explains why everyone here is so tan.


According to the most recent census figures, the population of Miami-Dade County is 65% Latin American or of Latino origin. With one of the largest Latin American populations of any city in America, many Miami residents are native Spanish speakers or bilingual. Haitian Creole is another language that is prominent in Miami, though it's mostly limited to predominantly Haitian neighborhoods.  The varying cultures in Miami create a cultural mosaic, and are evident in the city's culinary enrichment and year-round festivals.


The City of Miami is almost unequivocally tied to South Beach, though the two are far from interchangeable. South Beach is packed year-round with tourists and locals alike who flock to the rolling sands and warm waters. Not to...  

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About Miami


Sultry, seductive Miami, Florida entertains many identities: snowbird refuge, retiree haven, celebrity playground, immigrant stop-off and tourist mecca. All undeniably accurate, they're telling descriptors of everything this dazzling city embraces. They're also indicative of the melting-pot culture that has come to define South Florida, an area originally dismissed by developers. The region later found purpose as a resort destination and as farm land for Florida's first settlers (or "Crackers"). These initial roles ultimately led to today's Miami, a capital of travel, commerce and self-assertive flamboyance.

But what else could you ask of a sub-tropical wonderland washed by brilliant light and kissed by enveloping seas? As recently as the early 20th century, America's Riviera was largely a backwater. Its potential was finally brought to fruition by the arrival of the railroad, promise of a year-round growing season, and the emerging leisure class's disposable income for vacationing in Miami. These days, easy access is a given, and agriculture flourishes. However, the city's natural beauty — and world-class Miami travel destinations — most strongly render it a fashionable escape for fun and freedom.

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