South Florida's best historic hotels

The carefully chosen hotels in this list represent not only important moments in history, but reflect upon the stories that make the properties unique. The best example of this is the myriad of ghost stories that are invariably connected to such a place. Before booking or shortly after your arrival try to arrange for a tour or at least find out the very spot where historical events occurred. Perhaps you could even stay in the very room once occupied by a famous writer at La Concha in Key West. There's something about history that gives a place a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, an air of mystery and also, on a more practical level, a one-of -a -kind experience. The preservation of history in a building almost guarantees a particular charm, unique to the property which a guest experiences right away on several levels. Historical accommodations make statements. Guests who choose these options care about the importance of preserving architectural heritage for generations to come, to be enjoyed now and in the future.

Best described as a cross between a boutique hotel and a hostel with shared, high-end commodities including a chef's kitchen, pool, yoga studio, library, a large serene courtyard lawn and plenty of work spaces, Roam offers accommodation...  Read More

Outside the city

The historic La Concha Key West offers guests easy access to the sandy beaches, lively nightlife, other historic landmarks, a sophisticated wine bar - WineO onsite and is close to everything you want to see or do in this colorful and historic...  Read More


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