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Quote OpenSome of the most authentic and freshest dishes come from restaurants that are (or were, originally) attached to fish markets.Quote Closed






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The cultural mosaic that is Miami readily defines the enticing array of culinary prowess displayed from hole-in-the-wall eateries to decadent restaurants offering diners a palatable and unforgettable experience. A large percentage of the Miami population is Latin American, and an overwhelming majority of restaurants draw inspiration from Cuban, Argentinian, Peruvian, Brazilian and Caribbean cuisine. A hometown invention, colorfully dubbed Floribbean fare, marries local ingredients to Caribbean sensibilities, grounding them in Continental technique. Local fish markets flood restaurants with just-caught seafood, including fresh snapper, stone crab grouper and conch. Most top restaurants feature locally grown fruits and vegetables, making the incorporation of Florida-specific items like mangoes and avocados seamless and delicious.

The cuisine here is varied and, thankfully, so are the prices. Exceptional mainstays like Joe's Stone Crab, Barton G and Azul offer plates that could double as artistic masterpieces, and come at a comparable (however worth it) price. Lest all hope for affordability be lost, know that South Florida shelters a clutch of budget-friendly eateries, which shirk neither ambiance nor excellence. Cuban sandwiches - a must for any visitor - can be found at casual lunch counters lining nearly every other street corner. The addition of tapas restaurants featuring light bites cuts any bill in half, and also leaves room for a great bottle of Spanish wine. Whatever piques your interest, you are sure to find it in Miami without much difficulty at all.

- Miami Expert Maria Arroyave