10 Best Cuban Spots to Fill Your Stomach and Warm Your Heart and Soul

Jen Karetnick

By , Local Expert, Miami
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Cuban restaurants in Miami come in dozens of shapes and sizes, and you can't walk two feet without tripping over a version of one. You'll find them tucked away in grocery stores or offering little more than an open window on a street corner from which to order. These are called cafeterias, and are best for Cuban toast and coffee, maybe some hot dishes that they specialize in, or a quick sandwich.

Others are buffets like Blue Sky, offering "food by the pound," which simply means you load up your plate and pay by how much it weighs. One of the most well-known and authentic places to eat Cuban fare in Miami, El Palacio de Los...  Read more »

  • 1

    De Rodriguez Cuba on Ocean

    Local Expert Tip: "For reinterpreted Cuban fare, head to the domain of the Godfather of Nuevo Latino cuisine, James Beard Award-winner Douglas Rodriguez."

  • 2


    Local Expert Tip: "When you want to know what's going on politically in the exilio community--as well as find yourself a traditional plate of ropa vieja or even just a shot of cafe cubano--head to this revered Cuban palace."

  • 3

    Havana Harry's

    • Cuisine: Cuban, Latin
    • Average Main Course Price: $16

    Local Expert Tip: "Innovative and contemporary, Havana Harry's has been wowing Cubans and newcomers to the cuisine since 1995."

  • 4

    Las Culebrinas — Coconut Grove

    • Cuisine: Cuban, Latin
    • Average Main Course Price: $16

    Local Expert Tip: "Las Culebrinas is a consistently excellent choice for upscale Cuban fare with live music and entertainment."

  • 5

    Bongos Cuban Cafe

    • Cuisine: Cuban, Latin
    • Average Main Course Price: $18
    • Neighborhood: Little Haiti

    Local Expert Tip: "Owned by Gloria and Emilio Estefan, this fun, loud cafe located in the American Airlines Arena is a vibrant hit."

  • 6

    Larios on the Beach

    Local Expert Tip: "South Beach does Cuban at this glitzy hangout, owned by Gloria and Emilio Estefan."

  • 7

    Islas Canarias

    Local Expert Tip: "This unpretentious, family-friendly eatery welcomes hungry souls looking for comforting Spanish and Cuban fare."

  • 8

    Puerto Sagua

    Local Expert Tip: "Puero Sagua is known for its no-frills service, its traditional Cuban comfort food and its colorful murals of street life in Cuba."

  • 9

    Ola at Sanctuary

    Local Expert Tip: "A Sanctuary indeed: Revive with Cuban fusion and cocktails in this chic, cosmopolitan hotel lobby setting."

  • 10

    Asia de Cuba at Mondrian South Beach

    Local Expert Tip: "Often the setting for a high-fashion gathering, the signature restaurant in the Mondrian South Beach is a stylish choice for an evening of Cuban-Asian fusion."



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