Jungle Island

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    Parrots posing with trainer

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    Jungle Island

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    Jungle Island

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    Jungle Island

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    Children laughing and sliding down the large Hippo Slide into a pool of water at Jungle Island located in Miami, Florida.

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    Jungle Island Squirrel Monkey

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    South African Penguins

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    Jungle Island Baboon-Pharoah

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    Jungle Island

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    Jungle Island

    Photo courtesy of Jungle Island

Jungle Island

1111 Jungle Island Trail
Miami, FL 33132

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Phone: 305-400-7000

Mon-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat-Sun 10am-6pm
Attractions, Theme Parks, Zoos

10BEST Says

Best Attractions & Activities: Tropical birds have the run of this unusual island park off MacArthur Causeway. Approximately 1,100 macaws, parrots and other winged residents join giant reptiles and exotic primates to impart special character to the attraction. Although the 18 landscaped acres showcase some 500 species of plants and flowers, don't come expecting peace and quiet. Some of the opinionated inhabitants are neither shy nor retiring. Though it's noisy, the sight of a parrot riding a miniature bike is enough to make even the most jaded visitor smile. Other shows include Winged Wonders (singing Amazons and Andean condors), Reptile Giants (snakes, alligators, crocodiles) and Wild Encounters (apes, tigers, even a liger).

Insider Tips

Local Expert Says:

Best Attractions & Activities: "The most amazing animal here, the liger, is the largest cat in the world. When he's feeling exceptionally social, the liger has been known to press his face against the hurricane-proof glass window, allowing guests to come face to face with this massive animal hybrid."

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