Disney Springs ®

Located along the banks of Lake Buena Vista, Downtown Disney is comprised of numerous shops, dining establishments, a movie complex and nightclubs. Cirque Du Soleil, the Wolfgang Puck Cafe, House of Blues and the LEGO Imagination Center are...  Read More

Winter Park's famed Park Avenue and its surrounds have been delighting shoppers for ages with quaint, cobbled, oak-shaded lanes and top-of-the-line boutiques. Here you'll find names you recognize – Lily Pulitzer, Coach, Pottery Barn – along...  Read More

Mount Dora (Chamber of Commerce)

This town is found half way between the two coasts. A quick drive from Orlando, the town offers the charm and grace of a small Southern town. A multitude of shops line the streets. Quaint restaurants offer pleasant dining experiences. Each of...  Read More

Citrus Tower

Built in the 1950s in honor of Florida's once flourishing citrus industry, this imposing tower invites Florida locals and visitors alike to take in the beautiful landscaping in the surrounding miles. Standing as high as 226 feet, the tower's...  Read More

Scenic Boat Tour

Located just a few minutes outside of downtown Orlando, this popular tour invites you to kick back and unwind from the hustle and bustle of vacation. Let the tour guide do the talking as you take in the natural and manmade surroundings of Lake...  Read More

Presidents Hall of Fame

Displaying lifelike statues of each of our past presidents, Presidents Hall of Fame allows you to test your knowledge of our country's heritage. Additional attractions include a 60x22 foot model of the White House constructed in painstaking...  Read More

For those who have never experienced helicopter flight, Air Florida offers a range of tours, from very reasonably priced quickies (just a few minutes of hovering for $25) to test your mettle to longer journeys over some of the area's loveliest...  Read More

Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex
Photo courtesy of Visit Orlando

Roller coasters are undeniably exciting but let's face it: they're child's play compared to real rockets, and that's precisely what you'll find in spades at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, just over an hour's drive from the Orlando...  Read More

To fully experience this charismatic district, visit first during the day, and then walk around again in the late evening. Daylight means you can enjoy the intricacies of Craftsman, Colonial Revival, and Art Deco homes built mostly around the...  Read More