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Best Theme Parks: SeaWorld parses from every column, from the educational to the adrenaline-infused, to create a well rounded theme-park experience that will delight young and old. In the technologically spectacular column: TurtleTrek 4D, an all-ages experience that takes participants on an immersive adventure as they slip into the flippers of a sea turtle in the open water. For the Red Bull set: SeaWorld's Manta allows riders to soar (head-first and face-down, mind you) like a giant ray and venerable favorite, Kraken (consistently ranked among the best by coaster enthusiasts) unleashes its fury in the form of loops, rolls and spirals that are seemingly without end. Animal lovers? It's not even a contest. Feed sea lions, sharks and stingrays, marvel at Arctic mammoths like the walrus and Beluga whales. And fans of those tuxedo'd penguins will delight in the chill of Antarctica, SeaWorld's new all-in-one ride and animal habitat.

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Best Theme Parks: "Thrill-ride lovers be on the lookout. Summer 2016 will see the debut of Mako, a 200-foot hyper coaster that will be Orlando's tallest, fastest and longest."

Recommended as Best Theme Parks Because: Between its exotic residents, its incredible coaster and its beautiful Disney-driven details, Animal Kingdom is a definite Top-10 park.

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