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Walt Disney World ®'s Best Italian: Orlando's weather doesn't cave (much) to the likes of the Polar Vortex and so warm-weather treats abound. Few are as delightful, however, as that proffered by this World Showcase kiosk in the heart of EPCOT'S Italy. Serving up decadently cool delights in the form of gelato – rich Italian ice cream that's notable for its creamy, dreamy texture – this stand offers what might be the best gelato-related treats in all of Walt Disney World: the gelato cookie sandwich. It's available either pre-made (think classic "chipwich") or fresh, where creamy gelato melds with warm cookie into the weapon to end all diets.

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Local Expert A.D. Thompson Says:

Walt Disney World ®'s Best Italian: "So the kids want ice cream but you want wine? You can get both at this stand. Hooray for EPCOT!"

Best for Walt Disney World ®'s Best Italian Because: Italian ice cream is still Italian. This stand serves delicious gelato in cone, cup or sandwich form.

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