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Barbecue: While the food-truck resurgence has brought with it a vast array of gourmet treats that at one time would have seemed offbeat to serve out of a truck, classic American barbecue has never suffered from this disadvantage. The pair behind Caro-Bama combined the BBQ pizazz of their respective home regions (the Carolinas and Alabama) to the delight of diners who definitely don't mind eating their sandwiches with a fork. And that's pretty much a necessity. The basics begin with pulled pork, brisket or chopped chicken. From there, it's up to you to decide which of the sauces and toppings to slather on. Caro-Bama makes it easy, though, offering up a roster of proven favorites from which to choose if creativity's less your thing than consumption.

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Local Expert A.D. Thompson Says:

Barbecue: "Caro-Bama's sandwiches are no joke. Grab napkins. You'll need 'em."

Best for Barbecue Because: Caro-Bama brings together the best of two great Southern states with solid BBQ reps.

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