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Other Recommended Restaurants: I'm sure if you ask some people, they'd say that deep-frying chicken, slathering it in some or other delicious goo (Buffalo sauce, country gravy, melted cheese) and then folding the whole thing up in a fresh-made waffle is a bad idea. The folks waiting Melissa's Chicken & Waffle truck would beg to differ, of course, but they'd be happy to see one less person getting on line. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, largely via creative twist on this classic soul-food offering, Melissa's is comfort food on wheels, hitting up food truck events across Central Florida to the delight of people begging for excuses to fall off the diet wagon. Entrees here come with a knife and fork, but the best way to tackle most of Melissa's creation, whether laden with eggs and bacon or chicken and gravy, is to fold the whole thing up and stuff it in your waffle-hole. Grab extra napkins.

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